Going to try a VO2 block before starting my plan-what's the best way to manually add the three weeks?

After a couple years of plateauing thanks to so much TT/Steady State efforts, I’m going to try the pre-plan V02 as mentioned here:

With AT now live, what would be the best way to add those three weeks with workouts before my official AT plan/season begins? I have my normal season set to begin next week, but I could bump the start date a few weeks and fit in the V02 stuff. I looked at a specialty phase road plan, but that’s something like 6-8 weeks. I suppose I could just do the first (or last?) three weeks of the plan and then begin my real AT plan. But is there any other easier or better way to do so? I figure this would work since all the workouts look V02y, but if I’m missing something, lemme know. Otherwise, wish me luck! The pain is about to begin :stuck_out_tongue:

For this type of block, best it build it yourself. Or instead of selecting the VO2 workouts, use Have TrainNow pick the VO2 workout for you on the VO2 day.

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I’d be fine with that, but I’m not sure how to structure the progression of the workouts themselves over a 3 week period. Any tips?

That’s why I suggested letting TrainNow pick the VO2 workout for you. All you have to do is select:

  • how much time you have on the day to train
  • how are you feeling: okay/so so select Achievable; good select Productive; awesome go for Stretch
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That might work, but do you think that progression would work for a few weeks? Sounds like any easy way to do it though. thanks!

It should work as well or better then preprogramming out what you will be able to do over 3 or 4 weeks. The one thing I can guarantee is that you will either over or under shoot what you can do. I can’t tell you which, just that a preprogrammed plan won’t be as good as adapting to how you feel on the day.

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I would say move the start day of your PB plan to three weeks (or four depending if it gives you a rest week first - allow some rest).

With regards progression, there’s a couple of schools of thought I guess. One, try and build out workouts using your Progression Level and the Workout Levels. Or two, and this would be my suggestion, build out a block of workouts of the structure and length you’d like, disregarding (to a point) the Power targets. For example, I used Septerat, Vendever, Border etc for the structure of Three, Four, or Five minute intervals with 1.5-2x recovery valleys. Then use resistance mode, and go full send on the intervals. A) that will allow you to find the correct output, and B) you’re not holding yourself back with a target that is potentially too conservative.

Obviously, there are a few downsides to the way I did it. I didn’t get credit in terms of VO2 workouts for the ones where I achieved over the targets, but that was fine by me as I only use resistance and can always go harder in terms of intensity. The PL still seems to spit the right workouts at me in terms of structure anyway.

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I like your idea. I think I will sit down now and see what I can come up with in terms of progression. I think I will definitely bump my season back a bit to account for this-that sounds like the right call.
I appreciate the help!

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Okay, so I played around with workouts and plans and think I found a winner. Did a specialty phase short track plan in a new season that lasts 3 weeks with one of rest before starting another full season (that actually extends through September next year). This way I get three VO2 a week for three weeks and can use levels/progression, while also preserving my base/build after that. Here’s a screenshot of one week, but I think this will be perfect!

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