How to manage harder workouts from a new phase with a higher ftp?

How do you manage the harder workouts from a next build phase when you score a higher ftp?

For example I finished sucessfully short power build phase 1 which gave me a ftp bump from 222W to 235W. But when I enter short power build 2, the higher ftp plus the longer workouts are way harder and make me not finish my workouts.

One of them is richarson +3 which seems a harder version of LionRock, but this time I also need to work harder because my higher ftp, therefore I cant finish my workout

Shall I go back to phase build 1? (which I already did, thats why I am looking for help) or should I keep my lower 222 FTP, and the harder workouts from phase build 2?

FTP seems to be good, because I manage 1 rep of Augusta, but at the end I was destroyed and had to finish my workout.

I have made my profile public if seeing my data is helpful.

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Your not supposed to finish your workout, that’s part of the point. If you aren’t failing or struggling on the last intervals it’s too easy.

You need to grow into them, you don’t become more powerful overnight, it’s a progressive process.


Build phase is hard. Kudos for getting through part 1 successfully. It seems like you’re responding well to the training load. I’ve seen a few comments that suggests to keep your ftp the same between the two phases if you’re having difficulty on the second phase. 13 watts sounds like pretty huge gains.

You could either go a couple of routes:

a) keep your 222 ftp and continue until you finish build phase part 2. If it’s your first time doing a build phase I’d recommend this. You get a feel of how the harder workouts feel and write notes to supplement these for future workouts. I find the notes section to be extremely valuable when a hard workout is coming and to know that you’ve done it before

b) bump it up to 230 watts and see if you can complete the workouts. Still failing? Try 228 watts. Eventually you’ll be able to tell if you’re ftp is right through completion of certain workouts (mine is Lamarck)

c) no events in the future? Go back to sweet spot base and do it with 235 watts. The first few workouts are pretty easy. Build your muscle endurance and come back to build. This is probably the most enjoyable process as
You build your fitness gradually. if you’re dreading the workouts at end of build phase consider this route.

Hope it helps.


its my second time in short power build 2. My first time I failed the first week of build phase 2, that lead me to start from sweet spot base phase 2 over again. The only thing that changed this time from last time is that I had a ftp bump from 201 to 216 and this time its from 222 to 235.

I feel like I am always getting a ftp bump but not following the correct training, I will try stick to my 222 ftp to finish build, so I can then get to specialty.


yes I know its a progressive process and I try my hardest. Last workout Augusta, I did only the first rep, it totally destroyed me. I feel like doing 10min in threshold is manageable but 14min destroys me.

As well as the new ftp requires some muscle strength, it also requires mental one.

I just went up to 310Watts and I have done my first threshold workout over 300watts just couple hours back.

What I usually do is, let’s say 15 minutes of threshold, I start first 5 minutes with 95%, then I increase it to 97% next five and then 100%.

This gives me a more or less how it will feel with new FTP.

If it feels OK, I start with 97% next interval and 100% next one.

If It feels hard, then I reduce it to 95% and complete it. I don’t lower FTP. I play with intensity.

You should be OK with +/- 10% intensity.

Good luck

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I just started back with TR after years off it. For the last 18 months I’ve used zwift plans and my own prescription. I did a ramp test (ramp test seems to work well for me - I’ve usually nudged my FTP up every now and then as workouts start to feel easier and when I test it comes out within 1W) just before starting and went from 187 to 199, which was what I expected with how things had been going.

I’m finding SSBHV tough and even dialing down the level in the workouts is still too much. I had a bunch of compounding factors (3 big days on the mtb right before starting with insufficient recovery, 2 weeks of insanity at work, allergy season kicking in, etc). RHR crept up along with a bunch of physical and physiological symptoms. What I’ve decided to do is use the SSB workouts during the week and traditional base equivalents on Friday/Saturday/Sunday. I find the traditional workouts much easier to recover from and I have the time to do them, and I can complete them at 100%. I’ll aim for 100% in the SSB workouts this coming week and hopefully I can do that. I have a sense that traditional base is better for me, but I don’t have the time during the week for the longer workouts, so I think this hybrid approach is the best option. I usually mix in quite a lot of VO2max work and have never done a full base approach, but also feel like my fitness is brittle and I don’t trust the base it sits on, so I wanted to get right back to building a really solid base.

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I experience the same thing. I usually gut through about half of build 2 and then either crack or get sick. Pretty good indicator that I should be doing something different!

Next time through I’m going to do the ramp test like normal, and if I get an increase, I’m going to start every workout by doing the first set or rep with an adjustment down to the old FTP. If that feels under control I’ll nudge the rest of the workout up bit by bit, adjusting as needed to be able to complete the workout.

My psychology is such that a failed workout is a major motivational blow. If I get 2-3 in a cycle it really throws me off and messes up my commitment to the plan. So I’d much rather undershoot the target, make sure I finish everything, and make slow but sure progress.


I like this plan - or bump your FTP up just a couple of points - the first couple weeks after a big FTP gain in build are miserable

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Thanks for the tips. This is my first time with structured training. With short power build as hard as it seems, if I complete a workout it makes my day.

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Thanks!! I’m sure I could have managed Augusta with 95% at least, my error was to start with 100%.

Also what do you think its the maximum of time before hitting your 100% of your new ftp? Does it depends of how big is the ftp bump?

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Hello, i had the same problem. FTP went up from 292W to 325W after the first four weeks of general build and it scared me alot.
During week 5 I payed a lot of attention to my recovery and nutrition and made sure I didn’t do any extra km’s. I managed to do all the workouts. Now in week 6 i’m getting used to the new FTP and de workouts don’t frighten me as mutch anymore… until the next FTP rise .


It is not an error but my FTP workouts can always be challenging. If I feel like I am failing I play with intensity but I finish that workout. Dont bail out.

I can not tell you when you will hit 100% but IMHO if you are lowering your intensity frequently, your FTP may also be high.
good luck

Recovery is the key player. You have a huge FTP jump

How much experience do you have with structured, indoor, interval training? I ask because this can certainly be a contributing factor, coupled with the fact that you’re tackling Mid Volume Plans.

Are you putting as much focus into your nutrition and recovery as you are your training? All of the Build phases are a significant step up in workload from the Base phases and fatigue is something you’ll also have to monitor.

Just looking at your workout history, you seem to perform well through Sweetspot and short VO2 efforts. This week, Matthes +1 got the better of you. 3 minute VO2 efforts are no joke. Even if your FTP is 100% on-point, those intervals leave a mark.

Personally I say keep your new FTP and repeat this week. No point taking a huge step backwards. 3 minute VO2 is as much a mental game as it is physical. This time you know what’s coming. Use that knowledge. Eat well before the session. Rest and recover before the session. Once you’re in the session, accept that it’s going to hurt. Set yourself a target goal. Something like completing two more intervals. That will give you such a sense of achievement and you can build on that.

Good luck :+1:


Wow thats an 11% increment. Bet it was hard to manage such a big bump.

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thanks! I like the target goal you explain which I can build from. Also it’s my first year of indoor structured training, I had a previous year of just riding, no structured or training with powermeter.

As I heard from TR podcast it matter the direction which I am moving and not the speed. This thursday I did the 3min vo2Max at 115% which was not 100% of intensity but I did complete them. Today I did Xalibu +4 at 97% and thinking in bailing out after a hard warmup and the first 3 intervals that destroyed me, I was able to manage pain at finish them all.

I feel I still need to know my body, since I can endure pain through 1 or 2 intervals that destroys me, it leaves marks for the remaining workout forcing me to bail out.

Thanks for the comments.

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The first week after the test was mentaly hard. I really was affraid to do the VO2max workouts. After that week I got used to the new numbers.

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I’m almost at the same stage as you @fstas. Just finished week 3 of General Build HV and an about to enter the restful endurance week before doing another FTP test. When I look at week 5, 6 and 7 of the program I see that there are a lot more sprint and anaerobic efforts in there which look intense! It seems as if the second half of the program is more of the Short Power build program and the first part of the GB program is more like the Sustained Power build program.