FTP jump after base phase

I have completed base phase (part 1 and 2) and I have started this week the build phase with the ramp test.
After part 1, my FTP was 205 (195 at the beginning of the plan) and after part 2, my FTP was 218 (value of my ramp test completed today)
+13 makes a big difference in the workout difficulty (however it is true that last workouts of the base phase: lecomte, lemarck etc. were not very hard with 205 FTP).
Should I lower it for the next phase (ie build phase)? or should I try to make the build phase with a FTP of 218?
thanks for the help!

Keep 218…see how it goes, but you’ll be fine. You got this!


Keep it, sounds like you earned it. Note that the intensity factor of the first workouts in build is actually lower than those of the final week of base. This should give you a chance to orient to the new FTP.

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We are on the same boat. I gained 23 watts during 12 weeks with high volume even though i am not new to interval training.

Now i am following general build high volume and on the second week. I still cannot believe my new ftp (and questioning it all the time) but it works! For now i could finish all workouts so far. So keep it.


Not the case for everyone but these are two of the hardest workouts I’ve done in the plans, so if they were not very hard then you’re definitely due for an FTP boost

Same, had a 25w increase (9%) for an all time high FTP. Just started ShortPBHV and we’ll see how it goes.

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Hope we will keep imrpoving. Everybody says big gains happen in build phases but i wonder can we? Because we gained much in base too (mine is 8%) and as said i ve been training for 3 years.