How to make time off and recovery week overlap

I am taking a vacation next week after 3 weeks of base training - it’s gonna be a pretty low-intensity vacay with some beach time, some low-intensity hiking, and plenty of “nutrition”. If I schedule the time-off, AT puts a recovery week in the following week. If I delete the time off, AT gives me another build week, which I can’t do due to travel.

How do I pull my recovery into next week and get AT to move things around appropriately? After the recovery week, I have 6 consecutive weeks of base scheduled, so I don’t want to just add on a 7th using trainnow.


I can help!

Before I offer advice though I just want to make sure I have clarity on what you’d like.
Your time-off is going to remain from 21st-28th, and you’d like the week that you return to not be a recovery week; to just begin your next phase of training. Did I get that right?


THE Ivy Audrain is answering my post???

Yes, that’s exactly right. Thanks!


I’d like to know this too

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We’re all here with popcorn waiting on Ivy


I’m curious too to see if the answer has changed since I encountered that last Fall.

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@IvyAudrain any update on this please?

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just bumping it up @IvyAudrain any chance of getting the hint?

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Sorry for the delay, all! @thefutureofamerica you’ll be able to see this by the time you get back from vacation and apply changes as you see fit!

You have a couple of options here if you want to return from vacation and get right back into hard training, or leave things as-is depending upon how ‘restful’ your vacation ended up being and if you’d rather ease back into training with some endurance first.

Here are some options for you:

  1. Keep the time-off annotation, delete the recovery week that’s scheduled for when you return, and select TrainNow workouts for that week.

In this case, you could always schedule an ad-hoc recovery week using TrainNow part way through the following 6 week Base phase to split up the block. Adaptive Training will adapt around anything you skip to keep you on track.

  1. Restore the original workouts
  • Delete the time-off annotations,
  • accept the suggested adaptations that result from that to bring back the workouts that were removed by the time-off annotation,
  • delete the recovery week,
  • then use the ‘move week’ function to pull down the week of training to be where the time-off was.
  1. Keep everything as is. You’ll go into another 6 week base period and adding an additional week of loading to the 5 weeks of loading in their next phase could be a lot. Vacation isn’t always necessarily restful, and easing back in with the aerobic-heavy week before loading again can be a good transition while still stimulating aerobic adaptations.

Everyone’s time-off is different and returning to training can feel very different to everyone, so listen to your body and make sure you follow step 1 to insert a rest week later if you decide to charge back into training.
An area we think we can improve in the future is fully understanding the nature of the time-off to adapt the plan accordingly, but until then, you have a few options to make sure the training following your vacation sets you up for success! :+1:


Thanks, @IvyAudrain - that’s a really helpful answer and set of options. You’re right, while the break wasn’t aerobically taxing, the travel, hiking, swimming, ziplining, tropical heat, different food, etc leave me feeling like a few days of lighter aerobic work is probably a better bet after having a TON of fun on vacation to go into the next bigger block really ready.

I appreciate the comprehensive response!


No problem, happy to help!
I’m totally with you, I almost always need a few days to ease back into high intensity by doing some mellow endurance first. Ramping back into it gradually will really help set you up for success to get the most out of this next big block, too.

Rest up and keep up the good work! :star2: