Rest week after a rest week

in 3 weeks, i’m going on a trip where I will not be doing any biking. Plan builder blocked off the week for me which is great. But then the week i return it has me doing another week of easy endurance rides (rest week). not sure if i should just do “train now” that week or follow the plan, or if it will adapt when i have those days of not riding.

Idk how the algorithm works, but it makes sense to ‘ease into it’ after a whole week off the bike.

That makes no sense. After a week off, I’ll be ready to smash it,


Have a look here: How to make time off and recovery week overlap


The Base vs Build (Polarized) thread also discusses this issue of post-week off rest week. Seems like a bug in Plan Builder to me.

I know I ditched the suggested rest week, because my legs were well already rested after a week off. My first workout back I chose to be a moderate one because I’m usually a little sluggish after a break, but for the rest I picked workouts that were a proper intensity for my overall plan, actually probably a little harder even, since I was fresh.

ZackeryWeimer can you add any insights into why PB is scheduling rest weeks after we schedule a week off into PB? Seems odd to many of us, but perhaps there’s something we’re missing.

UPDATE: I just read the thread that @youcancallme_al linked to above. In it IvyAudrain provides a workaround for the PB week off and then a scheduled rest week. Personally, I’d rather not have to delete my rest week notation after it’s complete. Ivy did say they are looking at how this functions.

Your mind might be ready to smash, but your body prefers to warm up. Thats why you do a ‘warm up’ before some interval sets. The principle is the same for planning a week/month of training. If I took a whole week off from exercise, Id do some endurance riding for a few days to get my legs under me before jumping into intervals. Maybe do them thursday or saturday.

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