How to get back on plan

Hi All,

3 weeks ago I was 8 weeks into an LV plan for a Marathon XC race in mid-September that’s likely to be cancelled. Life got in the way and one missed week turned into 3 off the bike (both inside & out). I had been off bike for the last year, so my cycling fitness is brittle. I Was two weeks into Base II when I dropped off.

Should I:

  1. Do a couple days of Petit or moderate outdoor rides to wake up legs, then join plan where I left off (Not sure how to push whole plan to the right in calendar, of course that would push my tapered race-day too but I’m not racing for podium this year, regardless if race happens, it was just a goal to get back in good MTB riding shape.
  2. Plan-Builder a new plan?
  3. Continue with plan as is, dropping intensity as needed to complete workouts until next ramp test and writing off the missed workouts

My thinking is #1, but would like to hear what’s worked for others…

Many Thanks and stay healthy & safe!

Ummm, disregard; Looks like I was being pretty lazy.

As I started poking around, There is way too much info on this topic around here to pester y’all with this…So as they say: RTFM to me! The “Manual” just takes a bit getting used to finding an index.

Happy Training, -JC

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Pass on your wisdom - how did you get back to your plan in the end? :wink: