Ease back into it!

So the summer season went so and so, came in with good fitness and had decent results, stuck with low volume from november until may when i went outside, good numbers and high motivation.

Being run into at 40km/h in one race and having a rider crash in front of me(resulting in me crashing aswell and going into full paramedic mode for the other competitor) at nationals where i was in peak fitness kinda killed my mojo.

Almost a full month off the bike now and i really need to get training again since i plan on racing in Holland next summer at the Fire and police games. But i do not want to go full blast instantly, i want 3 “structured” but not fully optimized for max benefit workouts to ease me back on the training wagon, why is there not a plan that is; you know for those times you know you need to get back but have a hard time and low morale and you just need some support to get rolling again.

Sweet Spot Base I Low Volume is pretty much this for me. You can even knock a few % off your FTP to lighten it up further.

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