How to best recover leading into ramp test

I’m going into my last week before my first second ramp test. I finished Pettit, bald knob is today and brasstown is the last left before Tuesday ramp test. This week has been particularly tiring on my body. Every day I lift about 350 or so 75lbs wine barrels and take about 14k steps. This week I have just been downright sore. This will be my first TR ramp test since my initial Ramp.
Should I just follow the plans and trust the process or should I look into substituting sub .55IF rides in, or just not ride to yield beat results for my upcoming test next week?



I suggest following the plan unless you really know you need something different on the lead in to the test. Keep in mind, this is not some make or break endeavor like an A-event. It is just a testing point to set the next stage of training. Don’t let it become something more than it is by over planning and over thinking headed into it.


Was about to suggest same as Chad, though based on much less knowledge!

Seems like a lot of folks treat ramp tests like huge events that determine their worth as an athlete/person. Of course we all want to see gains in power, but the main point is to calibrate the next training block. If you treat it like an A event, get a massage, carbo load etc. you may get a better number, but you may also fail some workouts on “normal” days.


I agree, I’m currently in the midst of a half-marathon running plan, and I have a 6-mile run (the day before) my ramp test, so I plan on being a bit fatigued - but if that’s how I’ll be the whole time I’m training, then that’s how I should complete my Ramp Test.

Right? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Great, thanks everyone

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