How do you plan a training camp/high load training block (without the app because budget)

After the mid-yearly exams pass I want to do a 5 day training camp/high load training block. I would assume there are plans for this on plan builder however as both a junior rider and a rider on a budget I got a turbo trainer instead of a subscription and head unit and so i can’t plan work-outs using TR. How would I go about planning this?

Thanks a lot for all the help via the podcasts,

  • Sadly, there are no options like that available in Plan Builder or any other part of TR. They must be done manually.

You may have some luck reviewing the existing discussions on camps for ideas:


How about a free month subscription that would allow you to use for a month and do a months worth of Plan Builder.

Put your e-mail address and i will send you a code to get using for a month.

The reason for e-mail is to stop others taking the code from you.

You will need a Phone or tablet to do the workouts.

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