Scheduling a plan around other rides

Hi all,

Sorry if this is a very basic question but Is there a way I can have TR build my plan sessions while taking a weekly social ride into account? My current plan has me scheduled for a training ride on the same days I do a weekly social ride. I don’t want to simply delete the session in case I miss out on the specific goal of that session throughout my plan.


You can move around days when workouts are scheduled. TR can’t put in your weekly ride but you could put in the workout free ride for how long that weekly ride is and set that to repeating.

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Or when building a new plan in Plan Builder you can select which days to ride, which are easy/medium/hard, etc.

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Or you could setup your social rides as C races, and plan builder will schedule around them. But as they are C races, plan builder won’t cut workouts / build in taper periods.


Thanks for all the advice. It’s really appreciated. If I set the rides to a C race will it give me a session the days immediately before and after or will I be doing the same training load + my social ride, but not planned on the same day?

I’m not positive on workouts the day before / after, but I know it won’t give you a workout on the same day as a C event.

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I gave it a go but has scheduled a training ride same day of my social ‘C race’.

It shouldn’t do that. I would email TR support

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Will do. Thanks a lot for the help.