Another Newbie Training Plan Question

Hi Everyone,
I’ve started using TrainerRoad since June this year, in preparation for my first 100km Charity Ride. I used the plan builder to create a training plan in preparation for my ride on November 7.
So far it’s been good, I’ve completed two 6 week base blocks, where my FTP has increased by 24 watts so far.

I’m now into the 2nd week of a Build block and this is where my questions arise.
Up until now, the general plan looked like:
Week 1-5 - Ramp Test and intervals
Week 6 - Rest Week
then re-test.

However, the current build block looks like:
Week 1-3 - Ramp Test and intervals
Week 4 - Rest Week
Week 5 - Ramp Test and intervals
Week 6 - Rest Week
Then another Ramp Test at the start of the speciality phase.

So I end up with 3 ramp tests in 7 weeks, and 2 rest weeks with just one week in between?

Should I stick to the plan, or just re-purpose one of the rest weeks and ramp tests?
I hope that somewhat makes sense. I’ve put a photo of my current Plan.


Stick to the plan. :slight_smile:


Do you know why there old be more rest in this block?

I can speculate: if you have entered your charity event as an A race, then Plan Builder will add a taper just before the event. if your plan ends with the event, it’ll try to create a plan that fits into the allotted time. And more often than not, it won’t fit into 4-week blocks.

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Thanks! I think it’s the latter, as I created this plan solely around the event. I think I’ll stick to the plan :slight_smile:

I would skip the ramp test on 27.09. Why to test just after rest week and then test again? You are loosing precious day of work this way, especially with only 3 work days. Personally I would test on 09 oct and then do full week of work.