How do you end the ramp test?

I just clicked the red button in the top left of the screen after finishing the ramp test and it just disappeared and didn’t save it. I can’t remember how I ended it last time. Luckily I remember which step I got to so have pretty much figured out what my ftp was but not ideal… So, how are you supposed to end it?

It asked me to accept the FTP that it calculated for me. This is on a surface pro running windows 10

I’m surprised that it still didn’t save my data even after pressing the red button in top left.

perhaps log a ticket with trainer road to see if it saved or do the test again ha ha :slight_smile:

I figured out my ftp I think, I took 75% of my final minute competed and 75% of the 30 seconds I completed of the next ramp and split the difference. There is no way I’m doing that again!

Stop pedaling and wait for it to prompt an end to the workout.


I stop pedalling, catch my breath for a few seconds then pause the workout and it asks if you want to end/resume workout. Then it asks to save or discard, then asks if you want to keep the new FTP.

Yep, just stop pedalling for 20-30 secs and pop up appears telling you new ftp and if want to accept. To be fair if you can finish ramp test and not need to stop pedalling for a bit then go harder!!! :joy::joy::joy:

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On rollers, this is suboptimal. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Be great if the ramp test would auto-end when it detects much lower wattage for a period of time (e.g., 50% lower than the current step for >10s). That way I wouldn’t have to fumble for my phone to stop the test and can just keep pedaling easily to spin out the legs.

At the very least, the ramp test screen should have a persistent End Test button to make it easy to stop with one tap (which I’ve requested before).


I reach for the defibrillator


I had no idea it took 20-30 seconds. By the time I’ve regained enough mental faculties to look back at the screen the popup is already there. :joy::rofl::joy:


Disappointed. I end the ramp test disappointed.


In tears, depends on the results whether of joy or disappointment

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I ordinarily end the ramp test with a series of strung together swear words and frustration.

Then I press the “save” button. :cry:

To be fair that’s probably far too long - 5-10 secs probably more correct…just takes 30 seconds until i can see straight! Lol

I’ve heard that we are supposed to fist pump the air, whoop and yell about being “the man” etc.

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Exact same thing happened to me a couple of weeks back - I assumed it was user error, perhaps a clearer SAVE button is needed?

FWIW, you can contact TR support and they should be able to recover the workout for you. I’ve done this where I closed the program wanting to not accept my new FTP but accidentally discarded the workout. They were able to re-populate it in my history with no issues.

Swearing and near death.

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