Feature Request: Persistent "End Test" button during ramp test

My wife and I are both new TrainerRoad subscribers and love it so far. :+1: But we were both at a loss on how to end the Ramp Test when we reached failure (we use the Android app). This happened to both of us independently…so much for great marital communication!? :laughing:

After the fact, we learned that the End Test button only displays if you stop pedaling. For us that wasn’t intuitive as we always spin out our legs right after hard efforts. And since I’m on rollers, not pedaling isn’t the best option. :wink:

It’d be great if the End Test button was always shown during the ramp segment. Maybe where the extend warm-up/cool-down buttons usually display. That would give instant access to end the test so we can quickly confirm (or discard) the new FTP and start spinning our legs out.

Maybe we both missed the text instructions, but when you’ve ridden to failure, your mental faculties are compromised, so best to have multiple ways to end the test and make them as brain-dead simple as possible! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think dumb trainer vs. smart trainer/erg mode is where the confusion exists? At least for me…

I use a dumb trainer with a Quarq so I echo your question as I let up 4X past my first failure not being able to hold target. On a smart trainer/erg if I understand correctly as long as you turn the crank (1rpm) you are doing target. For us on dumb trainers we can keep spinning indefinitely.

I assume an algorithm is backed in for those of us on dumb trainers?

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My wife is on the Kickr in erg mode, so yes, she got bogged down.

I’m on E-Motion rollers with manual resistance, so I’m able to keep spinning. But I’d still like a fast way to end the test and skip to the cool-down. Rather than watching the target go up, leading to negative self-talk that I should’ve/would’ve/could’ve gone harder, longer!? :wink:

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ok good to know. I’ve read several threads here and I think when on a dumb trainer and hypothetically say your 30 seconds into the 400W platform and all of sudden your power falls to 250W. You spin for 30 seconds at 250 and recover enough to jump back up to the next level and hold that for 15 seconds then fail back down to 250W again etc…the point where I think we can just end it is that first 250W drop. Yet, thinking averages, it depends on how big of a drop and/or for how long.

I wasn’t sure when to stop either on my KK Road Machine, after I dropped off my power I kept going waiting for it to say complete and it never did. I felt a little foolish it took me a while before I caught on.

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