Forgot to push finish ramp just

I forgot to push “finish ramp test” after my legs stopped spinning. Therefore the test continued for about 55 seconds until I finally realized my folly and clicked finish. Does this skew my FTP result?

Don’t think so. Before I stopped doing them my best ramp test result came from my first ramp test where I tried to plug on for a bit.

Yeah, the dialogs at the end of the ramp test are confusing. I raised a feature request about making them clearer.

But it doesn’t really matter how you completed the test, the SW takes your highest minute of power and then 75% of that (with some adjustments for power spikes and the like) for your FTP value.

Not at all, the “extra” time will not count.

A good example from a test I did last year. The results are based on the highlighted 1 minute, but you can see the test kept going for another 1.5 minutes after:

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@univox Nice. Thanks for the insight. I see you like continued suffering after your suffering. That’s next level, m8.

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I’m so confused. Did you realise you weren’t riding as hard but just persevered anyway!?

  1. It was my first ramp test after a long hiatus from riding. So I wasn’t all that familiar with testing and I think I just had the right gearing combination that allowed me to keep turning the pedals over without meeting the power target. My power was more or less the same for 3 minutes before I finally stopped.

  2. It was also a group test, so I had a friend cheering me on. That seemed to help me push on, even if it didn’t result in any benefit.