Ramp Test did not Auto Stop

I have done multiple Ramp Tests in the past - saw a new issue(?) this morning. After riding to failure I stopped - and was expecting the popup that allows you to Accept or Reject the new FTP (or Discard the ride). That popup did not show up until I poked around at the screen (probably paused the workout). Net is there are 20 seconds of zero power before the end of the ramp test and start of the recovery interval.

Question is whether TR included or excluded the 20s in the calculation of my new FTP (5% lower than my current FTP), and why TR did not auto-pause once I stopped the workout (I do have pedal to Resume/Pause turned off, but still expected an auto-pause at the end of the Ramp Test).

(At minute 16, there is some ERG-mode related craziness that probably affected the outcome of the test)

App version is 2019.51.0.91900 on iPad with IOS 14.1.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the 20s of 0 power will not affect your FTP estimate. TR takes your best 1min power, which is not necessarily the last minute before you “fail”. In fact, just by looking at the picture you posted, your best 1 minute could have come between minute 16 & 17 due to your erg issues.

0’s at the end don’t affect the result, otherwise the whole test would be contingent on immediately pausing when it’s over.


Yup @SRLECEY is right. The time between when you stop pedaling and when you stop the test will not affect your final result. Though as you point out that above target step around min 16 may have affected it. But it probably would not have caused a difference of more than 5 watts, if any, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

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  • It will not pause if you have the setting turned off. You will have to pause on your own, AFAIK, even on the Ramp test.

Thanks everyone! Two learnings from this experience: (1) Remember to shut down ERG mode - I tend to do a better quality test when I’m in control, and (2) turn off the auto-pause setting - obviously not a biggie, but in an oxygen deficit-induced haze it makes the end of the workout that much simpler.

If the ramp test didn’t auto pause and you just keep pedaling could that result in a skewed TFP reading?

Nope. The test looks at your best 1-minute power, no matter where it happens, even if you somehow keep pushing well past that “peak”. It makes no difference on the results and only burns the rider up for no benefit :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve seen it happen when people don’t understand that they should stop pedaling and pause (manual or auto, depending on the pedal/pause setting) to spark the option to “finish” the test with the cool down and get their new FTP.

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