Ending RAMP test

Does it take into account the fact that I struggled to hit “pause” to end my workout, because I was FUBAR for a moment :slight_smile:

This will not cause a problem. The ramp test simply uses your best 1 minute power value regardless of where in the test is occurs. So you can take all the time you need to stop the test.


Thanks. I will sleep well tonight knowing this. 29W bump on base phase = happy Roby!


Also you don’t need to hit pause. Just stop pedalling and TR will sort it for you.


Assuming you have that option turned on – which it is by default.

If you were able to press the pause button exactly when you can’t go any further on the ramp test, then either you have focus of steel or, more likely, left something on the table. Requiring you to press the pause button accurately would be a pretty big usability failure by TR.