Helping AT understand my race to improve my levels and adaptations

I’m trying to figure out how to tell AT that I did a hard race a few weeks back and probably have a higher progression level the it thinks and therefore wants to make a bunch of adaptations.
I’m trying out scheduling an outside workout and matching this with the race. Wich was an IM bikeleg of 4:40 at an IF of .72. This closely matches a tempo workout like Hoffman +3. So that’s all fine. But said workout doesn’t reward me anything in the endurance zone. So now AT thinks I’ve lost a ton of fitness here. Vice versa if I choose and endurance work out.
I’m building up towards a new IM in a few weeks so right now I’m skipping most adaptations and replacing with workouts I think will be appropriate, with mixed results. So I could use some help in figuring this out.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

If you’re committed to gaming the system to some extent, you may as well go the whole hog. Search the workout library and use the filters to find ones with a workout difficulty that would set your Endurance progression level to what you want it to be, choose the workout out of those that most closely resembles your IM bike leg and associate it.

Should do the trick.

Edited to add: I just looked … you’re not going to find a long (4.5hrs+) Endurance workout with an IF above 0.69. You’ve reached the ceiling. :man_shrugging:t2:

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What i have done in the past was looking for a similar kJ workout of the same energy system as the one targeted by the outdoor ride.

But, AT is aimed to create a progressive plan that you will be able to sustain for months. May be you can ride that hard once every few weeks but you won’t be able to do PL 8 workouts three times a week during three months (in example). So I have learned that it’s best (for me at least) to pair it with a slightly more difficult workout, so I can get some AT adaptations but not so big ones, because the other way you risk being overwhelmed a few weeks later with that difficulty. If you aren’t sure, it’s almost always better to keep on the conservative side of training, if you try to push your limits with uncertainty you may end losing more than you have gained.

Sorry for my English, hope I made myself clear.

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just sub out for the correct level of endurance for your next workout. It shouldn’t be hard, and then PL will adjust up. AT adaptions for endurance should be the easiest to self assess

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