Any training suggestions for improvement in Ironman distances?

I am older….64 now, started down the triathlon rabbit hole about 3 years ago. I have done a sprint, 3 half distance IM’s and 2 full distance IM’s (both at Lake Placid 2021 and 2022). Seems most of the courses I ride are hilly/ rolling hills.
As I am sort of entering my off season ( except for a marathon at the end of October ) I am trying to figure out as a new user of TR, what a good training block/ strategy should be for me. So far in a few short weeks TR has made me realize how much energy I have been wasting as a lower cadence pedal masher……so I have found the integrated drills and instruction very helpful. I have no cycling experience prior to this triathlon effort other than casual charity century rides.
So I guess like everyone, I would like to increase my ability to output higher watts over the loooong 112 mile course. Part of it has been a mental challenge of not backing off each time I feel the muscle fatigue while riding, and realizing that I can recover on the ride and still be able to run off the bike.
Hopefully at my age I can still squeak out some improvements before the inevitable.
Thanks for any suggestions. I am basically doing base build blocks right now as I have to focus a bit on the upcoming marathon.

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I would take it easy on the bike with your marathon coming up, and then plug your next race into Plan Builder.

The TR plans (any volume) will build you up for any IM race. There is no truly different training required for different courses, but as you near race day finding similar terrain and conditions is useful. The reason it doesn’t make much difference is that you are aiming for a consistent a power output as you can over several hours of aerobic output.

Come and introduce yourself over here, lots of people training for Ironman races :slight_smile:


Thank you !

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