Matching my IRL 200km Saturday Rides - Any Value?

Last question. Then I think I’ve got this figured out.

I do 200km rides every Saturday, and T/R structured workouts Mon-Fri. Preparing for a 24hr RAAM Qualifier race in Feb. Anyway, here is the approach I take to “match” these planned IRL/Outside rides with a mostly equiv TR workout. Is there any value in doing this “MATCH”… in terms of informing TR’s adaptive algorithm of my ride’s IF, TSS, etc? It is super easy to do… just not sure it actually changes anything.

It will help to inform your Endurance PL, and adapt any endurance workouts scheduled, but beyond that I don’t think it’s doing too much.

I do the same with my outdoor rides, though I just use generic Endurance workouts with close enough IF as I don’t think the structure is relevant (and Custom Workout PL’s can be messy).


Once you reach 6h+ Z2 rides, AT can’t adapt endurance PL anymore, Bandeira is highest TR has to offer.

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yeah, I find limited value in the endurance progression level. I think once you build a certain level of fitness there’s really not a lot of difference in one being able to do a 5 level ride vs a 9 or whatever. I did a ride Sunday outside that I associated with a 7.0 endurance workout, the workout was 3:45 and 157tss and my actual ride ended up being almost 4hrs 211tss and IF 0.72. Based on tss, it could have been a 9.3 workout (which would have been 4.5hrs and 212tss), but I think it’s all splitting hairs and I can’t think of too many scenarios where you’d need endurance adaptations


Ok fantastic… My ENDURANCE is just 5.4 right now. But my Saturday rides are equiv to ENDURANCE 10.0. It seems like matching to my Custom TR Workout (which is harder than Banderia) doesn’t actually credit me with Endurance Improvements. But if I schedule Banderia on Saturday and match to that 10.0 ride, then maybe TR will increase my ENDURANCE rating and adapt to that. I’ll try that.