Adaptive training is shortening my rides

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if my experiences are typical and whether AT should behave like this.

I’ve just signed up to the AT beta and used plan builder aiming for a long distance triathlon next year. The initial plan essentially follows long distance tri base, build (a bit longer than 8 weeks due to additional time), then specialty.

I’ve had a few weeks easy / off before starting the plan. Prior to this I was training but fairly unstructured and rarely using Trainerroad for another month before that. So my levels were pretty much all 1.0 when starting. (FTP had dropped 10-15w since peak easier in the year as expected).

As my levels didn’t represent my recent training I didn’t accept any adaptations for the first couple of weeks and the plan is fine, if occasionally a bit easy. I’ve sometimes picked slightly harder alternates.

Now the adaptations being suggested seem to mostly suggest shorter duration (but similar level) rides. Eg a 1…5hr endurance instead of 3hr endurance (but with similar levels) or a 1hr tempo instead of 1.5hr (but again similar level).

Obviously the aim of those sessions, particularly endurance, is for time at low intensity training rather than shorter time in a higher power range.

Has anyone experienced similar? Will it eventually sort itself out?


This is normal. It doesnt take long for AT to update those levels.

Check in with so they can look at the full scope of your workouts and adaptations. They’ll be able to speak to any areas where you might not be getting credit for the workouts you’ve been doing, or speak to how well you’ve been completing those workouts to see why AT is suggesting that.

Yes I noticed that too. If AT is allowed to perform its magic the longest ride could be WAY short of what’s required to ride the 112 miles of an Ironman. I don’t think the current AT adjustments are suitable for the triathlon plans. Especially the weekly long ride and brick workouts.