AI just suggested I double up on my long bike

Training for a long distance triathlon with a 127 mile bike leg. I am starting 8 week Specific Phase this week. I have not had more than a 4:30 hour ride in weeks (per TR with AI). I did have a 4 hour Saturday ride a little over a week ago.
AI just suggested that I replace 90:00 ride this Saturday with a 4:30 hour ride. That’s after my 4:00hour ride Friday. Then it did the same with two more weekends during this phase. Added a 4:30 saturday after a 5 hour Friday and a then an even longer weekend a week or so later.
All the years I’ve used trained road, I have never had such a huge jump in volume. Has anyone else experienced this and how well did you fair 8 weeks out from race day?
I’ve been training for this race since last fall and am very consistent

You’re not alone - contact support.


Yeah this sounds like something is not working as it should. Good luck for your event :+1:

I wonder if AI is getting confused by your ability to schedule your long rides on Fridays. Maybe AI is trying to put some long rides in on the weekend because it sees none where they would typically be?

Yes, I had the same thing happen. I reached out to support and they confirmed that something wasn’t quite right with my plan and fixed it for me.

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Good to hear. I was beginning to think I was not being positive enough with the " improved" plan

I’ve just changed my plan and first week has a 3h30 endurance ride and a 5h brick. Next two weeks has no long rides.

@mcneese.chad can we move this to the software forum and tag it as a bug please?

It still seems to be buggy

I’ve just had support explain to me that on the endurance progression scale you get to a point where it’s looking for a medium length high aerobic ride but there aren’t any so where it should be 1.5-2h you get a 3h+ ride instead.

The surprising fix for me was to run AI FTP detection, I got a 2.5% and the following adaptations sorted out my plan.

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Support was very helpful in going over my plan and helping resolve my problem. I was told my Endurance progression was very high and AI was basing my adaptations on that. They agreed that adaptations were too much and made changes to my plan. It’s nice that AI felt confident that I could handle that level of training but I doubted that I could. Part of me actually wanted to see if I could and wondered if there would be an noticeable improvement in fitness but 7 weeks out from my A race I know deep down is risky.


To clarify… Were you scheduled a 4.5 hour ride on Saturday after you did your own 4 hour ride on Friday? Is that Friday ride somethimg you did extra, outside or manually put in? Or did it schedule you back to back 4.5 hour rides as part of the training program?

I used plan builder for my A race and built my plan last fall. My race is in July. I typically do my long rides on Saturdays. Months ago, I noticed my long rides were going to fall on some Fridays and even Thursdays during the finally phase (Specific phase) the 8 weeks before my race. I consider a long ride a 4, 5 or 6 hour trainer ride.
Then one day (week one of Specific) AI recommended adaptations/long rides on different days of similar times. I thought it was a glitch because I could still see the other/original long, weekday rides on the Calendar.
I selected to accept the long weekend rides and suddenly, I had a plan that went from one long ride a week to two and some were back to back (ie…friday/saturday). 4hour and 4:30, 4:30 and 5:30, 4:00 and 6:00 and a 5:00 & 6 hour trainer ride back to back and only 3 weeks out from race day before. I do love a challenge but I feared I would be setting myself up for overtraining before my race.


One of the problems is in a plan that has multiple endurance rides, one is usually moderate length (up to 2h) and one is usually long (up to 5h)

Once you hit Endurance PLs over 7 there are no Productive 2h Endurance PL 7+ rides so it picked for me a 3.5h ride for my ‘moderate’ ride.

You might think, what’s the big deal with two long rides? Well in the full distance tri plan when you already have a 5.5hr brick and a 3h run to squeeze around the family another long ride on top isn’t welcome.