Has anybody try MACA root Powder

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Has anybody try MACA powder. Did a bit research, but found mixed reviews. Few side effects.

Interested in hearing experice using MACA.

Read that could potentionally help athletes

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Have used in smoothies to try and hide the disgusting taste. I find no benefits after long term use so I stopped using it.

I put it in my smoothies (along with 35 or 40 other things) and have no idea whether it does anything or not. No way I would be able to isolate the effect but my reading of the literature (read “marketing hype”) led me to add it. Personally, I believe if it is natural and comes from an area where the soil might be less sterile, it should provide some nutrients that might be lacking elsewhere in my diet.

Maca I treat similar to beets as it has a potential effect on athletic performance. I don’t feel any difference but I keep it in the mix just in case. Plus I like the taste.

I love the smell and taste of it, so I use it most often once a week in a smoothie, or sometimes even add it in with my coffee.

What I am worry I about are the side effects.

Read online that could interrupt your sleep, and read something about changing your mood, specially if you consume MACA RAW. Maybe the side effects are for people with health conditions. But maybe for healthy athletes like us, that might not be the case.

but TP seems to recommend

I have been taking Maca powder up to three times a week mixed with Gnarly vegan and PB Fit as a post workout recovery shake. I have not noticed a change in sleep patterns. My wife did tell me that she read it can make men more potent (aka fertile) though… :thinking:

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Maca root powder has amazing nutritional benefits. In addition to being a very good source of Iron, Vitamin C, and Copper.
For me, Maca has definitely increased energy and stamina in both workouts but also in cardio/sports. Raw Nutritional Maca Powder, specifically, is pure organic as well as verified with the non-GMO project, so there were a lot of positives for me to want to use their product as well, and I knew I’d be getting the most natural form of Maca I could by getting theirs.

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