What is Your Favorite Protein Powder?

I’m looking for something that I can sub for a pre-workout meal when I didn’t wake up early enough and have to eat right before a training session. I would also want to use it as my post-workout carb/protein recovery drink. My stomach is a garbage disposal, so I’m not worried about the protein source, but I really don’t want that chalky horrible taste. Drop your brands and flavors below!

Raw cacao Vivolife with hazelnut milk, tastes like praline. (might not be good for breakfast though!)

Not sure if you get USN Products where you are, but this one is delicious!

I use Promix Grass Fed USA Whey Isolate - Unflavored. I then add Tart Cherry Juice and berries to flavor myself. It’s not cheap but seems high quality and is really flavorless until you add something.

SIS Rego is good - I also use MyProtein, though not sure that one is in the USA (I’m in the UK)

Vanilla/Strawberry are my go to


Whatever brand (Muscle Milk company?) they sell at Costco.


Agree with bbarrera, Muscle Milk powder is the only stuff that doesn’t give me bad gas.

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MyProtein is available in the US.

I think ON Gold Standard chocolate is the tastiest.


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Carnivore (Beef Protein Isolate)
It’s non-dairy - good for those with lactose digestive issues.

Labrada Lean Body meal replacement

I’ll blend a banana and almond milk with it. It’s been my breakfast for the past few months.

MyProtein Impact Whey is my go to here in Ireland. I usual order is one each of Vanilla and Strawberry Cream. I’ve got a few “free gifts” of other flavours that are nice (like cookie and cream) but they’re my usual flavours.

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MyProtein Impact Whey Protein, natural chocolate flavour. Get a big bag for not very much.

Tip: go for simple, natural flavours. I tried a “chocolate orange” one once and it was disgusting; I had to just throw it away.

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Bulk Powders (UK).

I don’t drink it though, toss it in to a microwave brownie mix :grin:

Drinking calories is a cardinal sin :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The Skratch Labs coffee flavor is amazing. By far the best tasting powder I’ve had, like good enough that I would just want to drink it because it taste great. Just be aware this isn’t a body builder protein powder with minimal carbs, this is like 80% sugar 20% carbs or something(which is what you want for cycling recovery.

I use The Protein Works - diet whey complex

Very good blend, chocolate mint is tasty.

If your after a pre ride meal I wouldn’t recommend a protein powder on its own. Id buy some instant oats that are powdered and you can add into the mix and drink!

+1 for MyProtein natural chocolate impact whey. My favourite flavour out of they ten or so that I’ve tried.

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TNT Naked Whey with chocolate flavour. Main reason being that they added lactase and that allows lactose intolerant people like me to digest it.

Isn’t it a bad idea to drink a protein powder right BEFORE a workout? Have always been under the impression, particularly based on what the guys have said on the TR podcasts, that the only thing you should consume prior to a ride is something that is easy for your body to break down and turn into fuel for the workout. If you’re planning on drinking this immediately before your ride, wouldn’t you be better off just waiting til after and instead drinking an electrolyte drink while on the trainer?

I used to heavily rely on protein powders but now I just use real food - post-ride I’ll make a smoothie with blueberries, strawberries, banana, chia seeds, and raw spirulina. Tastes amazing and definitely restores sugar.

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I only take it post workout. If its a shorter workout (1 hour or less), I’ll just take Optimum Nutrition Whey. If it’s a bit longer, I’ll take the Optimum Nutrition 2:1:1 for some combination of carbs and protein in my post workout shake.