My morning smoothie for anyone looking for ingredient ideas

It takes me 30 to 40 minutes to prepare my smoothies in the morning. I’m always looking for new ingredients to add. The following list is what currently goes in the mix based on years of listening to health related podcasts. Two Vitamix bowls are prepared each morning and topped up with water only. Everything should be organic, if possible.

Moringa powder
sunflower seeds
nutritional yeast
pumpkin seeds
Shredded coconut
Lions mane powder
Cordycep powder
Matcha powder
Maca powder
Ashwaganda powder
Cocao powder or nibs
Wheat grass juice powder
hemp seeds
chia seeds
tumeric powder
cinnamon powder
Vegan protein powder
L-Glutamine powder
lemon rind
coriander leaves
curry leaves
mixed greens / kale / oregano leaves / other
red beets
chick peas
baked yams / sweet potatos
one raw egg including the membrane
Dried Fig
Dried Prunes
and water

Sometimes I’m out of stock on some of these ingredients but at least 90% of a combination of the above items are usually available. Many berries and veggies are frozen so a 1500 watt blender is needed. Marshalls and Winners are good sources for powders while Costco is a great source of whole food items and greens.

How did lion’s mane powder make it in there before beta alanine? What does it taste like?

I decided to add the fungi powders whenever I could find some at reasonable cost. A good series of videos from “Four Sigmatic”. The fungi did not add a flavour into the smoothie that stood out. Whenever I come across some powdered fungi, I get it, but I don’t go out of the way looking for it specifically.

I was adding L-carnatine until I ran out out of the batch I got. Most of the amino’s I figured I got from my diet. I don’t eat a lot of meat but when I do it is grass fed/organic/wild caught.

Most of the supplements I add are to make sure I’m not short on any minerals/vitamins/enzymes. If I think I’m getting enough from my diet, I don’t feel the need to add to the smoothie. I think the only time you will notice a difference from supplements is if your body is deficient. I try to add powders that are non-local and might have nutrients that we don’t get from a local diet.

Most of the supplements are there to ensure there is no deficiency. As an example, I added beets (sometimes arugula) a number of years ago because of the supposed performance gains from the nitrates. I never noticed a difference but I keep them in the mix because I liked the taste.

For real? 30 to 40 minutes every morning to prepare a smoothie? :thinking:


Yup… Lots of washing, peeling, chopping, filling up the dispensary with goods from storage, and clean up.

I like them thick and eat them with a spoon.

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crikey that’s a lot of stuff!

Mine is usually some very overripe bananas, peanut butter, milk and few ice cubes… takes about 30-40… seconds, drunk standing up before running out the front door for work or the school run, usually late!


Yep, quicker the better otherwise it defeats the objective.

Current staple is,

Big handful of kale
Small handful of frozen blueberries
A banana
Teaspoon of honey
Half pint of milk
40g of protein powder

Keeps me going after a tough workout.


No ginger? (supposedly helps w/ recovery)
If I can ask - how many grams (or appropriate measurement) of the following ingredients do you use in a single serving?

Red Beet root
Chia Seeds


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Protein powder, oats, maple syrup, frozen berries, kale or spinach, water. Blend. Drink.

15 mins tops.

I measure my ingredients per Vitamix 50 oz blending bowl. No claim that I have researched optimal daily dosages but I would drink the full 50 oz each day. Matcha and Maca are both expensive so I try to ensure I get the nutrients without having excess nutrients flow through my body unabsorbed. Kind of a homeopathic approach.

Matcha 1/4 teaspoon
Maca 1/4 teaspoon
Pressure cooked Red Beets approx 1.5 cubic inches
Chia Seeds 1 tablespoon

No ginger in the smoothie but it is a regular part of my diet.

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First thing in AM, every AM

1 cup almond milk
Unflavored whey powder
Collagen peptides powder
Beet juice powder
Cup of spinach
1/2 banana
Cup frozen blueberries
1 tablespoon peanut butter

Buzz in vitamix.

If i’m doing an intense ride within the hour, i’ll drink half before ride, the other half after ride. No GI distress even @ VO2 max work.

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I dont think you have enough stuff in it


I thought this thread was a joke when I first read it. Oh my god. Am I doing things wrong?

Raw Egg
non-fat milk

Lion’s mane powder??!!?? Rock on, man! :metal:

That is the most amazing ingredient list I’ve ever seen :boom:


I just use a mix of fruit and spirulina…

I’ve got Spirulina in mine at the moment since I found some bags on sale.

Also assumed this was a troll. Wtf? Sure you’d get more benefit spending 30-40 minutes on a recovery ride or cooking real food.


Frozen berries, yoghurt and milk - comes out like ice cream if you have more frozen fruit and kids love it.

Alternatively I add a scoop of strawberry flavoured protein powder and some oats if its for me, works as a meal replacement and just as tasty.

This is in addition to cooking real food. We eat virtually zero processed food. Our time invested in maintaining our health, comes from not having to spend time dealing with doctors looking for miracle cures to self-inflicted ills.

I can see 11 powders in your smoothie, are they not processed?

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Yes they are. But my reading on them suggests they have kept their nutritional value. Its hard to buy fresh Moringa leaves here in Canada, or many of the other powdered ingredients. For sure, you have to make some compromises.