Granfondo Milano-SanRemo Plan Builder


I am getting married in June of 2020 and instead of a cycling honeymoon in Italy this year we are planning to ride the Granfondo Milano-Sanremo in June 2021. Io mio fidanzato have plan builder up and running for our first target A event on May 2, 2020. Is it too soon to add Milano-SanRemo 2021? If we do add it, or add other events, can we do it on this plan builder or should we scratch it all start over adding events at once. In other words, we know what our plan is for now, but always flow with the flow and will add races and events as we go since things pick up in PA after May.

Firstly, best wishes for your wedding!

You can set Plan Builder to have a start date in the future. So in this case, you might want to start your new plan from May 9 2020 (allowing a week to recover from your 2020 A event). Of course, it might be that you re-create your Plan Builder closer to May, when you know what your B events over May-Sept will be, but I think it is better to at least have an idea of what your future training plan will be, even if that training plan changes over time.

it is in my 2021 plans too. Not include it yet but most probably I will go for SPB and century

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Thanks. I will be sure to do so. It will be her 3 rd year in the bike and my 21st. We went to my favorite place on Earth lady year for a week in Utah. We rode 400 amazing miles in Southern Utah and the Utah/Salt Lake Valley areas. She loved it as did I. After riding Cipressa and Poggio three years ago I figured why not do this together.

That is what I am thinking too.