Plan Builder...when you don't know the date for Nationals

Hey all,
This will be my first full year with TR and I’m using it to target the US TT Nationals (and my state TT). The problem is, I don’t know exactly when to expect the race to begin. The USA Cycling website still says TBD. Given that I’ve never done it before, I have no idea when/where to expect it.
Does anyone have any advice on how best to use the plan builder and train for a race that I don’t know exactly when it will take place?
I’m currently using my state TT as my A race date (May 30th) and building appropriately for that.
Thanks for any help!

  • I’d suggest searching to see the history of the last 5 or so years of events. May not be a direct link to this years timing, but it might be worth reviewing for reference.
  • One option is to skip Plan Builder for now, until you know the actual date of your events. Assuming you are “starting from scratch”, you can just apply the Sweet Spot Base 1 (Volume of your preference) to the calendar, just like the old days.
  • Continue with that until you learn the dates, and then use the Plan Builder at that time, to fill in the remaining time to your events.
  • That is solid option too. You can potentially add the Nationals date once you know it, and the Plan Builder may update your plan to match that.
  • Even if it doesn’t update as desired, you can delete the current plan and restart PB to make it rework with the latest info you have on the Calendar.

Thanks Chad, I think I will stick with my state date and add in Nats. when I find out about it. I could always drop state to a B race if it’s within a few weeks. I will do some digging about past dates too, that’s a great idea.

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@mcneese.chad is correct and what I would do, look at what month the Nats have been raced previously, its a very good bet it will be a similar month, and base it on that.

Because you know the State race date, do a plan up to that and then add in the Nationals.

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It looks like last year’s race was in June, so about three(ish) weeks after this year’s state. If it’s around the same time that should be pretty easy to adapt. I will need to look for races further back to verify though :slight_smile:

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