Plan for multiple events/races next 6 months

Looking for some help/advice - I’m fairly new to using TrainerRoad after having a coach for many years. I’m loving the plan builder so far but struggling with trying to balance a few different events/races for the next 6 months.

Mid August - trip to France with 9 days of biking in the Alps (this is not a race but I would like to have the plan incorporate this to make sure I’m prepared, so I added as a climbing road stage race and put in hours and effort guesstimates)
Early September - sprint triathlon
Mid October - 100 mile gravel race (added and is my A race)
Early November - half marathon (I added as half ironman and deleted the swim and bike - is that a good workaround or is there a way to add a half marathon?)

If this the best way to set up a training plan for what I have coming up? Or is this too many different types of events and not doable with the plan builder?

Hey @karenrich!

Welcome to the forum and the TrainerRoad community!! I’m so glad that you are loving Plan Builder :raised_hands:. Isn’t it so assuring to have the ability to plan so far in advance and know that your Training Plan will adapt with your evolving fitness!? :muscle:

I have played around with some ideas but I have some questions specific to you, so I’m going to DM you for more information. Then we can circle back around to this thread, in case others have similar questions.