Workout after a ramp test

I’d like to schedule a workout for directly after my next ramp test. Something fairly easy of course. I recall that the coaching chat recommends a specific one but oxygen debt tends to muddle my mind after a test and it does not persist in my memory. Which is it, or what kind of duration and intensity?


Taku may not be a bad choice to spin out the legs for 30 mins. I’m testing on Tuesday and plan to follow it up with either Taku, Carter or Giraud depending on how I feel.

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If you are pressed for time, Volunteer is another 30-minute workout that I usually do after ramp tests. (I typically only have 1 hour, 1:15 max in the morning.)


I’ve done Homers Nose straight after and it’s pretty easy to get through.

Thanks all for suggestions. I did Birch in the end, which seemed about right for me. I shall add a 45 minutes endurance workout like that again next time too.

@trainerroad - I finished a ramp test last night, one of many I’ve completed, and I noticed something when riding the cool down - Coach Chad offers a few suggestions for workouts to do after the cool down period but if you’re not paying attention or forget the name because you’re still cross-eyed from the hard effort, then what?

It could be helpful to add links to suggested post ramp test workouts at the bottom of the Ride Summary page - like “Coach Chad’s Top Five Post Ramp Test Workouts”. Then you could click on the workout and load it directly from the Ramp Test Ride Summary page. It would be easier, and quicker, then ending the ramp test, clicking on Workouts, and searching for a workout to load.

I’ve no idea if this is possible, or even helpful, but it’s something I’ve thought about a few times after completing a ramp test so I thought I’d share.