Garmin Training Status/Effect

I find the Garmin Training Status and Effect on my Fenix 5 useful, which is why I simultaneously run my watch and TrainerRoad whenever I do a workout. I have TR sync with Strava, but not to Garmin Connect.

I used to have TR sync with both Strava and Garmin Connect, but noticed it doesn’t give me a Garmin Training Status.

Am I correct to assume that this is the only way to have Garmin generate a Training Status? I’m also curious to know what other Garmin users have done.

I had the same problem.
The problem is, that TR isn’t compatible with the Garmin Physio TrueUp function.
To have your statistics in Garmin correct, the other device (in this cas TR) have to have also the abilltiy to calculate the Training Status etc.
Because of this, i also let my Roreunner 935 record my trainings.

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I do the same…BUT I discard the activity on my garmin at the end of the session (to prevent having to clean up GC, Strava, TrainingPeaks etc). This still provides the training effect data in GC but lets me push my TrainerRoad activity to my platforms of choice.


I spoke with Garmin about this. It would seem there’s something missing from the files TrainerRoad pushes to Garmin to make the rides work with physio true up, training status, etc. It has been reported to TrainerRoad by a few people (including me) and Garmin is supposed to reach out. But who knows what that development effort is vs. other competing priorities. While automatic sync would be nice, I also follow a similar process as @klettern0. My TrainerRoad account pushes to Strava and I also save my ride on my 935 or Edge 530 which syncs to Garmin Connect with all the physio true-up features. I haven’t had any duplicates yet.


I recently upgraded my old Garmin 800 to a new 530 and am interested in the Training Effect info on Garmin Connect. Garmin gives a number from 0-5 to measure the anaerobic and aerobic benefit of a workout, and describes its primary benefit (ex. base, tempo, threshold, etc). I’ve noticed that the Garmin metrics don’t seem to jibe with the TR workout. Today, for example, I did Red +1, which TR describes as an anaerobic sprint workout. It definitely felt like one too.

But when I look at the training effect on Garmin, it tells me I did a workout that’s primary benefit was base fitness with virtually no anaerobic benefit (0.3).


It’s not really a big deal because my body tells me that was definitely not a base workout, but I’m wondering if that makes the Garmin Training Effect info unreliable. Or do both companies have different definitions of what aerobic and anaerobic work is. Anybody have any thoughts or comments on this?

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The Garmin/FirstBeat stuff sounds like hocus pocus to me, TBH. They don’t disclose how it’s calculated so I don’t really pay it any attention.

I recently did two centuries back to back. The Saturday one was classified as VO2, and the Sunday one as Base. The metrics were similar (speed, power, HR, cadence). Go figure.

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Any heart-rate information recorded to the Garmin? Double-check heart-rate and power zones within GC, just in case. FWIW, running intervals do seem to be reflected appropriately, even if it is hokum :wink:

I’ve just upgraded from to a 530 – currently downloading/installing the massive mapping update – so I’ll see what the score is during tomorrow’s over/unders.

I use my edge 820 to record the ride, all i do after is delete the ride on strava this generates and then delete the trainer road version on garmin connect. This way it keeps everything nice and neat and you still get performance condition and training status. Also allows me to update the training status on my forerunner 935 too.

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I also contacted Garmin on a separate issue. The workouts (swim and runs) recorded on the 935 produce a training effect. Workouts recorded on the 530 record a training effect. There is currently no such place where training effect is consolidated. It is device specific. So as of right now there is no combined view of training status if you use multiple devices.


Oh. I thought that was what enabling “Physio True-up” on both devices was supposed to help that :confused:

On a related note - Intensity minutes are only generated if you have a Garmin wearable (Fenix, ForeRunner etc.). These are not generated if you record your rides with an Edge bike computer.

I complained about this to Garmin. They are aware but won’t commit to fixing it. Looks like Garmin needs better software integration for their Connect platform - right now there’s too much dis-Connect.

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@danielm Same. I specifically asked that question on exactly what the point of Physio True-up was supposed to be for then. Seems to me it gets you only intensity minutes and ability to view the workouts on other Garmin devices. It does not appear to sync or consolidated training status or effect.

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The “training status” screen on your 935 should have that info. Scroll to the training status widget then press the start button and then scroll down through VO2, Bike VO2, Recovery Advisor, Training Load, and Race Predictor. My F5plus is syncing this info from my E820 through physio true up.

The HR and power zones seem fine, so I don’t think it’s that.

I’d be interested to know how valid Garmin’s estimated “time to recovery” is. It’s often prompted me to take more recovery time than I otherwise would have. I’ve been following the advice and have had some of my best performances in races lately, so maybe it’s on to something.

I’m curious about this as well. Though I’ve noticed that the times it says I need 24hr+ recovery and I’ve trained 12 or so hours later (usually evening ride followed by morning ride), the recovery check at the beginning of the ride says, “good.” Stating the obvious but the recovery time seems to be influenced by your ftp. There are times where my ftp has increased but I forget to update in Garmin. Sometimes this helps adjust the recovery time.

I think the extent to which Garmin makes these candy-stats uniform across their devices reflects directly how useful they are :crazy_face: All their Training Load and time to recovery stuff is just BS. If they were any good, they’d implement across their whole platform

Yeah… so I’ve noticed this too and there’s a bit of a disconnect if you only train with an edge device. If you have RA on one of the watches then it’s more informative. It will count down the hours as you expect but also gives you some advice like “easy training” or “train as usual”. Train as usual can come up with 24 hours remaining on the advisor. E.g. after Saturday’s cycle I had 41 hours to recover but towards the evening of the following day it was telling me to train as usual.

The training status through my 935 is fairly accurate in terms of what it recommends for recovery (taking note that it will say train easy or as usual with time remaining, as noted above). After a hard running or triathlon race I get a long recovery period which makes sense. The actual training effect numbers don’t always seem to make sense nor does the training status chart though. Also, I’m “Unproductive” A LOT! :joy: I think it only really shows Productive if I’m increasing my VO2Max which of course can’t happen all the time (and the race predictors from the VO2Max scores are incredibly generous as well :rofl:).


Hi, any news in this field? Thanks

I’m cycling on TR and running with my Garmin 935 and the accuracy of the training status is not very good

In all honesty I find it somewhat amusing I have Strava saying I’m going strong just for Garmin to say you had no benefit me are sucking that day!

Saying that I find the Garmin analysis the most useful, I guess since my simpleton mind can deal with ‘improving’ easier than looking at TSS and performance trends :wink: