Push TR workouts to Garmin Connect?

Is there a way to do this so that information my Garmin Edge gives me is more accurate? Other than recording the workouts on my Garmin and then deleting the extra workout from Strava.

What information is it you are after? Simply syncing the ride to garmin connect as detailed above wll get you all the important data.

You get “load” but not full “training status” or any cycling dynamics stuff - for that you need to dual record.

Another option is to push the workouts as “outside rides” to your edge and use your edge to control your trainer instead of the TR software.

Ah. I just noticed that TR workouts actually were being pushed to Connect already. Haha.

Note that if you use the Garmin “Training Status” metrics, you need to run Garmin and TR side by side and then delete the TR ride from connect. TR does not send the “Aerobic” and “Anaerobic” numbers to Garmin, so your “Training Status” data will be inaccurate.

I believe Garmin fixed this, but it requires your Garmin HU to sync twice since the ‘Training Status’ is calculated on the device and not in Garmin Connect.

Can you elaborate? I’d love to figure out how to shut off the head unit.

Yeah, unfortunately that’s the update that didn’t fix what I mentioned above. There have been lots of posts about it. We all went back to running side by side. :cry: