Garmin Training Status now populates for TrainerRoad workouts

Just a quick heads up on this. In short, if you’ve got your TR account linked to Garmin Connect, then you no longer have to start a workout on your Garmin device to get training status/recovery/load metrics on your Garmin device. It’ll take the workout from TR automatically, and calculate accordingly.

A bit more details here: Garmin Training Status Now Includes Zwift, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest and Tacx App Workouts | DC Rainmaker


Wow this is a big deal for me. No more dual recording TR workouts on my Garmin so I can keep that algorithm fed as well.


Nice, although I am still unsure how well Garmin Connect calculates load, training stress, etc. In the past I never really paid attention to all of the numbers, but am starting to see if the data is somewhat accurate.

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Interesting. I would also be interested to know if it updates FTP/VO2, etc on the Garmin based on TR data. My TR FTP is different from my Garmin right now as it is, I never manually update after a ramp test, I just let Garmin estimate it for me.

People care about Garmin Training Status? Do people actually take the 50 hour recoveries that it recommends?


I recently switched to using my Edge for all workouts - is there now any downside to using the TR app with an HRM?

I don’t think I get training load but I do look at body battery, Vo2max, etc and generally want to give Garmin all the data it wants to give it its best chance for providing good info back.

I certainly don’t - I’ve worked with a coach for several years that schedules workouts, etc. so don’t pay attn when I need 60 hours of recovery. That said, Garmins metrics have absolutely nailed it when I’m actually peaking for a race, they’ve nailed it when I’m in some sort of build phase by calling it productive, they nail the recovery weeks by calling it unproductive or recovery, and they nail it when I’m done for the year with detraining.

So while it’s a fools errand to take 60 hours of recovery, it’s likely not a bad idea to gauge where you’re at. AND, if it says 60 hours of recovery, it may be worth taking an easier day. If you feed garmin appropriate data, it’s not bad at all.


Just tested with a Fenix 5x - the completed TR workout shows up on my phone but doesn’t change anything on my watch in terms of Training Load or recovery times. Might be an issue on the Garmin back-end though, as I can’t currently log into the Connect website either.

It’s also not saying do nothing for 60 hours, it’s saying you should train easy or rest. I’ve also had similar experience as you with it tracking my overall fitness state quite well.

I’ve been dual-recording for so long I don’t think I’ll change even with this update just out of habit. :grinning:


I do. It’s just one part of the feedback loop that I use in combination with how I’m feeling and HRV trends to determine whether I should ride easy or if I’m ready to do a hard workout.

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I am asking myself if there is any point to Strava now. I really only use it as a hub for all my data. Seems like Connect can do that now.


I have only been using Strava the past several years now for the “social” part of it, and tracking mileage on my gear (which I could do on GC, but I don’t want to backtrack the 30-40,000 miles on my current gear). Last time I took a break from Strava I had people messaging me about missing seeing my rides :man_shrugging:


Yeah, I suspect the social side and a few features like Live Segments are some of the few remaining reasons, and those won’t be important to everyone (especially since LS and others are part of the paid Strava option).


Will this change make it possible to get Left/Right power balance data in GC from TrainerRoad recorded workouts if i use PowerMatch?

I currently record my TR workout paired to my Neo OG, and dual record with a Garmin 530 to get Left/Right power & Training Status from my Favero Assioma Duo’s. The power readings are so similar it hasn’t been worth the fuss to PowerMatch, but would this new functionality open the door to get the L/R data with a TR recording?

Social element only for me. I post activities because I hope it encourages my friends and club mates.


@ErickVH I followed Garmin Recovery Advisor recovery advice to the letter for quite a while. It keeps you in a fresh state but I’m not sure the training you do would be enough to induce optimal adaptation.

Here’s what it looked like:

You can read more about it in this thread:

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@IvyAudrain can we have some guidance on whether TR may consider recording other devices during a workout. Specifically I’m thinking about the Core Body Temperature sensor I use; but it probably applies to several other types of Bluetooth devices people use…

I would love to record everything from within TR and then TR has all that data as well for future AT opportunities.


Not sure when this was turned on, but what happens if I still do double recording?

You can get live segments via your garmin now anyway. Granted they need to be garmin segments, but you could simply create them based on the strava ones and not notice the difference on the bike.


? Garmin has supported Strava segments for a long time, if I’m not mistaken before Wahoo offered a bike computer.