Garmin Connect Data: Garmin Device vs TrainerRoad Import

Hello all,

I’m currently having Trainerroad sync workout data to Garmin Connect automatically after each session.

But I wonder if the data in Garmin Connect would be any different if I connect all sensors (power, heart rate, speed, cadence) -> a Garmin device and log it as indoor cycling workout -> Garmin Connect.

I’m asking this because I am considering to buy a Garmin Forerunner, something I’ll be wearing all day to track heart rate for variety of activities, and would prefer one single truth of all training and fitness data to be consistent in Garmin Connect.

If the data is exactly the same thing, but just as duplicate, I guess I won’t bother routing everything to the watch

If anyone has tested this, please kindly share your experience.


Keep in mind that TrainerRoad will not automatically import anything but cycling activities for now. They have mentioned it’s in the works though

I have been using Garmin Edge 820, Forerunner 935 and Fenix 5+ beside the TR tracking the rides from same sensors.

The data that TR tracks will be the same. The difference is the extrta data and analyze garmin will do besides the graphs. Example you will get the vo2max, training effect, recovery time estimates when using the Garmin device connected to the sensors.


Thank you Niko, exactly the answer I’m looking for.

So do you get two entries after you finish work out?

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I use a FR235 that connects to my laptop via ANT+ when I use TR on a smart trainer.

When I finish my workout it gets synced to Garmin Connect and it looks like this:

Just don’t save your indoor workout you start on your watch to avoid double entries

No, I have stopped the sync from TR to Garmin since I get the same data when I record with the Garmin device.

I have however TR synced to Strava and Garmin synced to Strava. But with these the syncing seems to be wise enough to only sync the TR one that is finished few seconds before the Garmin tries to sync. So it will automaticly remove duplicates.

I see duplicate rides in Strava occasionally. On those occasions, I just delete the ride that doesn’t show the TrainerRoad graphic.

I have noted that this happends when the two rides are not similar enough. For example if you start Garmin bit later or stop pedalling so that TR will stop the workout and Garmin will keep recording.

I think I have now confused myself as the best way to have the syncs set up. i have just got the FR945 which is my time use of a watch and i did get it for all the metrics and not just be limited to bike rides.

Last night I did a TR workout which I ran through my phone and this then sync to Strava. I also run the workout as an indoor ride on the watch so it could record my metrics.

Previously although the TR workouts showed up in Garmin Connect they dont seem to update metrics on the watch so that is why I thought I would run them simultaneously and see what happened. The watch reported same power and cadence etc as TR app (using same Bluetooth sensors so would expect that) but I did get a duplication in strava and on Garmin Connect.

I presently have TR and Garmin synced and Strava and TR synced but not Strava and Garmin but inside Garmin it is synced to Strava. If i record an outside ride on the watch it does push to Strava but Strava doesnt push to Garmin.

Sorry for the waffle but my main question would be what is the best way to have all 3 apps synced up so I can record outside rides on the watch to show in strava and TR (which is presently working) and inside rides to be reported on watch, TR (obviously) and Strava without too many duplicates?

There are some options inside Garmin Connect to share data back and forward with TR which also seem confusing.

Here’s what I do:
TR synced to Strava only
Zwift synced to Strava only
Garmin Synced to Strava only

When I ride indoors all rides go to Strava and I delete all but one. I usually let TR sync first and delete it, then I save Garmin and Zwift so they also sync to Strava. I delete the Garmin file and keep the Zwift file on Strava. TR is smart enough to keep only one file and it happens to be the TR workout file. Garmin Connect keeps the Garmin file.

When outdoors I save the Garmin file and it syncs to Strava, then TR pulls it from Strava. No duplicates on TR or Garmin or Strava. Works perfect.

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ok cool thanks. That should fix the duplicates I am getting in garmin connect then as you say i can just delete the duplicate in strava if that happens.

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Having this issue now.

I never used to use my Garmin device during indoor ride, only my laptop with TR running. However, I recently got an Edge 530 after my old 520 died and I’ve started using it in parallel with the TR desktop app. I noticed a duplicate on both TR and Garmin for my workout yesterday, however Strava was smart enough to combine the two (or at least just use the TR workout).

I’m thinking to de-authorize Garmin on TR, BUT, I like the outdoor workout push.

Wonder if anyone has an easy workflow for using TR, Garmin and Strava together without having to manually delete duplicate rides, while still maintaining ability for TR to push (and receive) outdoor workouts to/logged on an Edge530?


I don’t have TR and Garmin Synced so I’m not much help but I can see why you’d want them syncing for the push workouts feature… I also run Garmin alongside TR and keep the Garmin file on Garmin and TR file on TR. I like to do it this way because sometimes I let TR use my kickr power meter and Garmin uses my bikes power meter. Then I compare and look for anything abnormal.

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I also don’t have syncing between TR and Garmin Connect - - maybe when the run and swims start getting imported to the calendar… But I run TR isolated from everything while I record the workout on my Forerunner 935 so I get and maintain all my metrics there, since TR imported rides don’t work with Physio Trueup. I also run Zwift at the same time which both it and Connect are synced to upload to Strava and Strava is typically smart enough to just keep my Zwift version of the activities (I find saving my Zwift ride first then saving my watch activity second so it uploads slightly after the Zwift Ride does the trick, even when the Zwift rides get split up with multiple activities).

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I’m also dual recording, and on the trainer I prefer following workouts using TR on my mobile versus following on Edge 530. By default my Strava workouts are private so not a big hassle to delete one, and make TR workout public. But that means GC, TP, and WKO have a different workout that usually has at least another minute (I start 530 before TR app, and stop 530 after TR app). Going to try the following:

  • keep sync between Garmin Connect and TR
  • change TR to stop pushing to Strava

To do the second item, I just went to TR account > Ride Sync and disconnected Strava. Then reconnected Strava and disabled the last check box to push TR workouts to Strava.

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So if I am reading this correctly, Garmin will not update its fitness and load metrics without running an activity on their device? I have TR sync with Garmin Connect. But it won’t be able to read those activities and update its metrics?


some of the interesting metrics on my Edge 530 require the activity be recorded on it.

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huh, interesting. I just got a 945 and that must be why nothing is populating. Seems kinda annoying to have to run it in parallel if you want those metrics when all the info would be in the activity file afterward.

I’m pretty sure those metrics are device specific and not really Garmin Connect related. That is why the older devices don’t support it and why activities uploaded to Connect outside of a Garmin device don’t count toward those metrics. Probably one of those thing to get you to buy new devices since I would think everything needed for these features would be in the fit file. I really question the value of these metrics anyway but they are interesting. I had a recovery run the other day and used the wrist HR from my Fenix 6. Didn’t really pay attention to it. Looked at it afterwards and it showed 30 minutes in Zone 5 and called it a VO2 max run. That run pretty much threw off all those metrics probably for a couple of weeks.

or on a similar note, Garmin might have a contract with FirstBeat that requires Garmin to pay a per device fee and so for contractual/accounting reasons you have to buy a new device. I’ve found the metrics to be good, not perfect but pretty good. Recording on my device and then deleting a duplicate on Strava has been a minor annoyance. I’ve also considered deleting the TR workout, instead of saving it, and then letting TR sync the workout from Garmin Connect.