Garmin Fenix 7 Training Status not updating

Just switched from a garmin edge to a fenix 7 as my primary device. I’m not recording my indoor trainerroad rides on my garmin, only uploading from trainerroad/ipad.

I thought trainerroad rides now populated towards Garmin Training Status? This seemed to work on my edge, but not on my fenix?

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I gave up on trying to use Garmin Connect with multiple devices. Even with their latest hardware a lot of stuff doesn’t sync up. Not even active calories. Which I actually contacted Garmin about, and to my amazement they confirmed that activities not recorded on the primary training device do not count toward the daily calorie total.

But, I do think training status should work. Might be some settings.

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That doesnt sound right?

Yesterday I recorded 2 rides on my 830 and a run on my fenix 6 and the totally calories for the day on garmin connect is the sum of those three activities :man_shrugging:

As for the OP… TR rides do go towards Garmin Training Status on my Fenix 6…but it requires 2 or 3 syncs to do so.

My only other thought is that I’ve only done base endurance rides for the last 2 weeks. I could be missing rides with VO2 contributions.

540 and 265
Doesn’t work

Welcome back. Have you got HRM paired to your TR app?

Wait…on your edge? You said you’re not recording on the Garmin device.

Training status would update on my edge, after i would sync it separately upon completing a trainerroad work out on my ipad. The edge was only used for syncing aftwards to update training status. After having my Fenix 7 for 2 weeks, it had been saying “unproductive” and then yesterday changed to “no status”. Which had me wondering if it was registering any of my workouts from the previous 2 weeks.

I checked with garmin, and they confirmed that this may just be due to me not doing any workout that triggered a VO2 max response over the last 2 weeks.

Trainerroad/ipad set up via smart trainer and chest HRM.

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Ah yes, agree - status just needs time. It’s not the TR element that’s relevant.

I beg to differ.