Garmin Training Status/Effect

Just looking to clarify your method here. Are you saying if I record the indoor ride on my 830 stop the ride when finished but discard it right away before saving to the device Garmin will still sync the training effect?

I realise I’ve just typed what you you’ve already said back at you haha. I just find it odd that Garmin would still sync the stress of a workout after you’ve deleted it.

It seemed counter intuitive to me too. The values are definitely stored on my watch/edge (though these values never get combined unfortunately…I’m hoping this changes now that garmin have acquired first beat but that’s another topic).

My training status report in Garmin connect (for each device) also matches what I can see on the watch, despite not saving the workouts.

I presume this is due to the fact that the training effect is calculated ‘real time’ and is therefore stored on the device separately to the activity (in the same way steps are) and so it can still save this information despite not saving the activity.

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It isn’t as simple as this (until recently).

The metrics in question were licensed from First Beat who operated a license system as a module/device. I.e. If we want ‘Recovery time’ on a 735, 935 and 945 then that is 3 separate licenses. If We now wanted to include training load on those same devices then we now have 6 licences to consider. This is why it is normally only the high end devices that include all of it. This is also why metrics aren’t combined across devices (i.e. run with my 935 and cycle with 530 don’t add to an overall training status within Garmin connect, but are shown as individual reports).

I say it isn’t this simple until recently as Garmin recently acquired FirstBeat. I am hoping this means they will be ‘calculated’ on the web end rather than device end and the values then pushed to all compatible devices as a single report.

I’m sure @dcrainmaker can confirm if I have this correct or if I am in fact spouting a load of rubbish!


I’m also hoping to see that.

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Gave this a go in a workout yesterday. I can confirm, on the Edge 830, the training load was not saved after the activity was discarded. Looks like i’ll need to save them and hope Strava/Garmin/TP/TR (Jesus, i’m signed up to a lot of platforms) recognises they are the same workout and only saves one. Manually sorting them seems to much of a hassle, I would just live without Garmin training load if that was the case.

Hmm, I’ve just checked my records for the 530 and it looks like it is being saved despite always discarding the ride:

Edit: It doesn’t look like it has saved ‘Exercise Load’ if you are interested in that.

Interesting, I just dived into the same Garmin report. I agree, it’s saving and uploading the “Training Load” but not associating it with an exercise load or training effect. It’s really a bit all over the place just now. Hopefully this is all resolved with a better integration of First Beat after the purchase.

Edit: In fact i’m now thinking that increased Training Load is just from the TR activity upload, not from some mystery data hangover from a discarded activity.

I had wondered that too, but these metrics are calculated on the device end (the same report for my 935 doesn’t show the load increase over the last 3 days).

It would be great if there was some more clear guidance on how this all works really!

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I’ve had my Garmin forerunner 935 for a few months and I’ve decided to simply ignore the training status data. It seems to be all over the place and usually says I’m unproductive. The only time i was consistently shown as productive was when i was massively overdoing things and eventually had to take a few weeks off due to burnout. I much prefer the load data from - seems much more accurate and at least reflects how I feel.

Any news to this? Just upgraded to a 530, and a little bit perplexed as to why this wouldn’t work by default with the TrainerRoad data push. Would be nice to see TR find a solution if it’s on their end.

It isn’t on TR. The metrics are calculated on the Garmin head-unit or watch. You would need to dual record and not have TR send the ride through to Garmin connect.

Either way, not something TrainerRoad can fix - it’s a well known Garmin issue


In Garmin Connect in the settings where you connect TR it is now said:

“To give your training a boost, Garmin Connect will provide Training Status data when you upload qualifying activities.”

Not sure if that means that GC now will take TR rides into consideration while calculating performance reports.

Here is a link to a screenshot: CleanShot 2021-05-23 at 15.52.00 · CleanShot Cloud

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Let’s hope not :rofl:. The TrainingStatus is very poor and at least in my experience has no correlation with my actual training status, fitness, freshness, or any other training related term !

Yeah, I really dislike the dual record with Garmin. I end up using Training Peaks as an aggregate for TSS/Fatigue/etc.

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Exactly. Last November I set a PR for the Half Marathon, Garmin Training Status says Unproductive. I find the recovery numbers are good after normal to hard runs, however on “recovery runs” say a minute slower than usual pace it says recovery time 48-60 hours.

Have you mailed Garmin? I’d be interested in what they say.

I’m pushing workouts from TR to my Garmin Edge and running them indoors at the moment to avoid dual recording, which achieves the goal.

Giving this thread a bump for those interested. I spoke with Garmin support this afternoon and they referred me to their ideas page. If enough demand comes, they can prioritize third-party rides like TR and Zwift to have an impact on training and intensity minutes. I big hole in Garmin Connect at the moment.

Click this link to fill out a quick form: Share Ideas | Garmin