Accuracy of Garmin's "Training Effect"

I recently upgraded my old Garmin 800 to a new 530 and am interested in the Training Effect info on Garmin Connect. Garmin gives a number from 0-5 to measure the anaerobic and aerobic benefit of a workout, and describes its primary benefit (ex. base, tempo, threshold, etc). I’ve noticed that the Garmin metrics don’t seem to jibe with the TR workout. Today, for example, I did Red +1, which TR describes as an anaerobic sprint workout. It definitely felt like one too.

But when I look at the training effect on Garmin, it tells me I did a workout that’s primary benefit was base fitness with virtually no anaerobic benefit (0.3).


It’s not really a big deal because my body tells me that was definitely not a base workout, but I’m wondering if that makes the Garmin Training Effect info unreliable. Or do both companies have different definitions of what aerobic and anaerobic work is. Anybody have any thoughts or comments on this?

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