Full triathlon plan one year out. Input is appreciated

I just completed a full distant triathlon and not too happy with the result. Probably due to nutrition and not enough training on my end. I will have a year to prepare for the next one.

Self: 41 yrs old male with not too stressful job. Ftp: 158. Weight 68kg. Lousy in all 3 disciplines.

Plan: SSB1&SSB2 + Build(sustained power maybe?) + Long distance base + Long distance Build + Long distance Specialty.

I will have a marathon, couple half marathon, and couple Olympic distance triathlons here until the full distance. I also will do 50-80 miles ride with people who are much faster than me almost every weekend before three months of winter.
Will my plan give me the best value for my time? My goal is to have good base before the Build Phase of the full distance.

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Seems like a good plan provided you can handle the volume and the 48 consecutive weeks of training without burning out. Definitely sustained power build if you opt to go this route. I would focus on cycling with SSB and Sustained Power Build to grow your FTP. Stronger on the bike also helps your run. Consider reducing your run volume during this 20-week “bike” phase (SSB-Sustained) so you can really build your bike up.

If your focus is improving your full distance tri, I’d ditch some of the running events. You need to improve on the bike first and foremost, IMO. Lots of people do early season marathons and think those are going to be key to helping them improve their IM, when they’d be better served putting the time in on the bike.


…you are among friends here(!)

A year is a good time to prepare for an IM, but not necessarily by continuous structured training. You’ll want holidays and some down time in winter. Focusing on swim technique in the colder months is a common recommendation, but also get out and enjoy your fitness, socialise more.

The majority of improvements come from the basics; enjoying training leads to consistent training, aerobic sessions build aerobic endurance, but not without good nutrition and recovery…you need to build the whole package, so keep it as simple as possible.

Common errors are trying to do too much, trying to force improvements, neglecting how much your body can respond too, or what it needs to repair from the damage of training.

I’m being hypocritical here, I know, but a hard ran marathon will set your run training back several weeks maybe months.

There’s a danger of demoralising and overtraining with this approach. A bit faster would be better, then if you catch up move up a group and start again. And if you can get into the social aspect you’ll enjoy it more and be more likely to be consistent with this aspect of your training plan.

I need to take some of this advice myself!


Love your eagerness. I’m already dreaming of an IM next year despite not completing ANY races yet this year. It’s never too early to plan!

I like your plan too but there’s a lot of structure there. If you can stick with it then great - but I know I would get bored.

I was thinking of doing Full Distance base this year just to see if I can handle the training before then taking a month or so off structured training and focusing on other stuff (play some football, lift some weights etc) before getting back to it at the start of next year.

I’ve only done one Olympic and one sprint so far but have a half distance lined up for July.


I agree with @JoeX people think that a marathon is a good training day for IM but for me a marathon is a longer lay off than a HIM easily.


I think the advice of @kurt.braeckel is solid, I am with it on all levels!

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