IM Training Plan

I am looking at doing IM Mont Tremblant in August, which is approximately 40 weeks away. I am wondering if others have recommendations for planning the year. I was thinking of doing 2-3 traditional base blocks and progressing to build and specialty. Wondering how many of each people would recommend. I am in 50s and did several IM years ago. Thanks for insights.

The default guide on how to fill time.

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What’s your triathlon experience and what’s your goal for the race? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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check this thread, the learning points are transferrable to full distance

Hi @soper1961

As you’re coming back from a few years off, I’d start with Sweet Spot Base I, Low Volume (I just finished this myself) see how you take to that and at the end of the year reassess and take a week off for the holidays, or move into Sweet Spot Base II and decide whether you’re doing well enough on Low Volume or want to move up to Mid Volume.

If you haven’t been swimming and running in 2019, I would have a look at the swim and run volume in the Full Distance Base plans and either, at the same time as the above bike build up easy running and swimming so you’re comfortable with the start of a Full Distance plan.

Another option I have taken is to use the shorter distance plans to ramp up in all three sports before hitting Full Distance: Sprint Base LV (4 weeks), Olympic Base (6 weeks).

Join us over on the IM thread and let us know your trials and tribulations! :+1:

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I’ve approached it by starting with SSB LV1 then I’m moving to SPB LV before moving on the Full distance plans.

My target A Race is IM Vichy in August

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