Training planning for seasonal road racer and triathlete

Hello all! Perfect podcast #192 this week talking about planning training for the year! I am sure I am not the only one out there who wants to do well in both cycling races as well as triathlon so here’s my scenario!

2019 will be my third season doing 70.3 triathlons. My big A-race for the year will be IM Maine 70.3 on August 25, 2019. Unfortunately, I injured my foot this past Fall and it has put me out on the swimming and running side of things. Thankfully, I’ve had no issues cycling. Being this far out, I am not too worried and really just trying to stay in shape aerobically and not gain too many pounds.

The past few years I have been self-coached with not much structure i.e. showing up to track night and doing whatever workout others are doing, long weekend rides whatever the group has got planned. This year I plan to stick to some structure and hopefully make more consistent results. My year generally is split in thirds, where I go from cycling heavy with lots of crits and road races, to the summer when I am racing triathlons, to the end of the year my off-season, strength, base period. I want to keep a similar schedule this upcoming year.

Right now I have scheduled Sweet-Spot Base Mid Vol II for the next six weeks. Jumping over to my A-race in August, the 16 weeks prior I have scheduled Build Half Distance Tri Mid Volume into Speciality Half Distance Tri Mid Volume. That leaves me with about 11 weeks in between where I plan on racing a lot of Tuesday night practice crits, and weekend crit/road races. This time period is where I feel like my cycling legs are in decent shape after a winter on the turbo and when I start adding in regular swim/run base workouts.

What would you guys recommend I follow during that Springtime block? Build short-power for the crit racing? Or maybe the general build to start on the sustained power I will need for 70.3 and get my short power workouts from the weekly practice crits? Or follow a triathlon build plan.

Note: I live in New England so not running/swimming this time of year doesn’t bother me too much. I am spending the time lifting and working on strength/core. Once the ankle is good to go I will be adding in runs and swims to the current cycling plan. Thanks for all the help and input. Love the podcast, its great for the commute to and from work. 5 stars for sure!

I’d train for your A event and do sustained power build. I’m kind of in the same boat where I don’t have races this year, but as a triathlete Sustained Power Build is probably the way I’ll go even though Short Power might be fun. Eyes on the prize… you’ll get a lot of VO2 work and be able to compete in those road races just fine I would think. Odds are you’re well suited for long breakaways rather than winning sprints with your background, but only you know that!

So sustained power build or maybe general build if you really want to focus on the road events, but I’d go sustained.