FTP test on the back of illness

Hey all,

So my specialty phase is due to start tomorrow with a Xmas day present of an FTP test… but am currently flat on my back with what seems to be a gastro bug… haven’t eaten anything substantial for about 2 days and can’t see that changing in the near future… is it a pipe dream to be ready day after tomorrow? Any suggestions on adapting the plan??

Have completed the half distance (70.3) triathlon base and build to date with pretty reasonable consistency… the mental dragons are coming at me hard with this one… help needed!!!


I’m new here, and certainly no expert, but I can’t imagine things going well if you test now. I’d just wait it out until you feel better.

I would adjust. Take some time off, get healthy - maybe get and endurance workout in when you feel up to it (i.e. Baxter, or Baxter -1/-2) then do an opener the next day (i.e. Truuli -2) then take a day off and then test. If you must.

I just took an FTP test with a lingering chest cold, and it definitely affected me even though my FTP moved up. It also affected my workouts leading up to it, and my workouts since - I feel sapped. But this is a minor chest cold/cough.

A gastro bug is a different deal. Feel better.

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I had a gastro bug that put me in the ER mid plan. I took 3 days off from when I felt 90% - the fourth day was an easy day in the gym to gauge how I felt. Then I got back into it. Everyone is different so if you need a few extra days no one is going to judge. The week after my illness I clocked an 800tss week (400 over normal). Give your body the break it needs and you’ll feel the rewards.

Thanks all,

It’s more the mental torture of missing workouts that’s got me…! Alas it’s been 72hrs without food now and the bod is feeling weak so I’d have to be an idiot to think I can perform tomorrow…

Thanks for the advice - now to calm to mind… :woman_in_lotus_position:t4:

I’d recommend that you try and enjoy Christmas and come back fighting fit. Can’t imagine anything positive coming from pushing yourself at this moment. You could even make the situation worse.

Take the time off. Wait until you feel better, then give it one more day before taking the test. Then start the day of the plan that you would have been on, ie if you’ve missed 3 days, start on the day 4 workout. I wouldn’t worry too much about missing a few days.