Following training plan on holiday

So I’m going away somewhere warm in March for a week and taking my bike. I’m going with family so it’s not a cycling holiday or training camp, but I’m going to have (a) 60-90 minutes most days to get out on the bike in the mornings, and (b) 1 or maybe 2 days where I can do a longer, even “epic” ride.

I’ve timed it so that the week coincides with week 7 (the hardest week) of General Build (low volume*), so the workouts would be San Joaquin +3, Kaiser +2, and Galena +2.

There’ll be plenty of long climbs where I’m going (Tenerife) so I can do short or long intervals as appropriate. Should I try to recreate these workouts with a little extra easy riding to take in the scenery?

And how would you incorporate a longer ride into the week?

*Note that though my plan is low volume, my training isn’t, as I add in a 4 hour ride most Sundays. I can definitely cope with an increase in TSS from volume.

Personally I’d just get out and enjoy the riding, we train so many hours indoors looking at numbers, it’ll probably have a greater effect longer term to just enjoy the surroundings. Maybe just tailor the effort levels to the week, by that I mean don’t go obliterating yourself if it’s an easier week. Enjoy!


I know what you mean - but like I say I’m hoping to reserve one day for a proper epic ride. The rest of the holiday is more about enjoying time with family so the rides will be just going to a local climb and doing some reps.

I echo the comment to get out and enjoy the riding, the scenery, and change of pace (literally).

One idea that may or may not be actionable and you have probably already considered, but consider looking for a point-to-point ride to meet up with the family. Perhaps a beach (you said it was somewhere warm) or a relaxing place for lunch or paddle boarding or relaxing on the sand and you ride or get a ride back. This could include a spa destination :wink:

(At the beginning of this century, I rode from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara to meet my then-girlfriend-now-wife. She made an appointment at a place and drove while I rode.)

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Nice thought, cheers! The rest of the family was thinking about a day-trip so perhaps I could make this work.