Coming back from a week off the bike (and maybe drinking some beers)

Hi TR people

I have a big ride Sunday 7 October (a 250km Fondo) and will finish up General Build Phase Low Volume today - as I am flying to Darwin/Kakadu tomorrow morning for a family holiday for a week. My dilemma is should I just relax, enjoy the holiday and then fly back Friday 5 October, do Baxter or something similar on the Friday and then get ready to ride the 250km two days later on the Sunday or should I look at doing a more challenging TR workout to get my body back into the swing of things - maybe Threshold or VO2 Max?

I’ll be off the bike for a week for the first time in a year or so…

thanks - Jim

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Hey, Jim!

Wow, this will be your first time taking a week off the bike in a full year?! That’s awesome! (Not to mention rare, seeing as so many riders are derailed by one thing or another over the span of a year. :slight_smile: )

Anyway, you bring up a good question.

Put simply, you should definitely relax and enjoy your holiday knowing that you’re not going to return with significantly diminished fitness. Anything less than 10 or so days off of the bike really isn’t going to negatively affect your fitness to a great extent.

In fact, I’d say you’ve timed your training with your holiday pretty darn well! You can view your holiday as a bit of extra recovery. :sunglasses:

When you’re back, doing a workout like Baxter would likely be a great way to settle back in to the saddle prior to the big 250km Fondo a couple of days later.

If you’re interested, feel free to check out our blog post/video we did on this very topic.

I hope this helps, Jim!

Darwin & Kakadu?! So cool! Have an excellent trip, and best of luck on October 7th’s Fondo. :muscle:

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Hey Alex - thanks so much for the quick response… timing was good, finishing up the day prior to leaving is perfect (although i need to get one more workout done tonight prior to packing :wink: )

Baxter it is then, that should get me back into the swing of things… I’ll have a quick read of the blog topic now

thanks Alex and yes the top end of Oz is awesome (currently 38 degrees or 100 Fahrenheit) but definitely no riding for me…

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Hehe prioritizing your ride over packing - I love it! :smile:

It all sounds good, Jim.


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I need to finish the Build Plan before I take off :slight_smile:

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