Vacation During Taper

My wife just booked a vacation this summer - unfortunately a week prior to my A-race (Lutsen 99er - marathon mountain bike). The race is on Saturday June 29, we’ll be gone Saturday June 15 to Saturday June 22. I’ve been doing low volume base and just switched to medium-volume masters plan for build (thinking I’d benefit from the additional volume at the expense of one intense day).

I got an OK to sneak away for a couple of rides while on vacation - thoughts on how to best do them? TrainNow? Just get out and rip?

PS. we’re heading to Colorado. I’d appreciate any local insight on bike rentals & routes near RMNP and Colorado Springs! Not getting out for long rides given proximity to the A-race, just hoping to put in a couple of good 90 minute interval sessions (on whatever bike I can find).

I’d try to do the workouts on the plan - moving the days around if needed. If the specified workouts are too long, use the alternate options in the UI.

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I thought about that - already added the time off notation so it blocked the week. I was thinking it’d be easier to add workouts in versus delete most of the workouts that were there already. Good idea though!

If you haven’t built up the training leading up to one week to go, you won’t get any progress by ensuring you stick to the prescribed workout anyway. You are likely to see some detrimental effects by not riding at all during that week, though they’re likely to be overstated by most. I’d go out for a couple rides and enjoy, enjoy the nature, and enjoy the progress you’ve made. Last thing I’d want to do is stress over trying to hit one or two workouts perfectly :man_shrugging:

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Re your PS question: Taper week seems like a perfect time to climb Pikes Peak! Right next to Colo Springs, and they have donuts at the summit!

Jk of course, but it is an iconic and amazing climb that I would highly recommend on another trip.

I went to college in the Springs, and I loved Captain Jacks trail. That was on a hardtail with not much in the way of MTB skills, so I honestly don’t know if it would be challenging to a competitive MTBer, but it’s a fun trail. And if you follow Russell Finsterwald on Strava, you will see some interesting routes in Colorado Springs (he’s from there—hanging out in Tucson now until the trails are clear of snow I think).

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