Two week holiday before event

I’m currently training for a charity ride coming up in June, 180 miles over two days with some long climbs coming towards the end of the second day. I don’t typically ride this distance, longest ride I’ve done is about 85 miles and I’ve never done back to back long days. I’m currently following a low volume plan and intend getting some longer rides in at the weekends.
One thing that is worrying me a little is I’ve a two week holiday coming up just before this, I think I’m back about 5 days before. Any advice for what to do during this time, am I going to accept I’m going to lose a little bit of fitness? Guess at least I should be fresh.

You’ll be tapered nicely for your event. I doubt I’d do any more than walking (not risking a running injury), and maybe a little swimming if the holiday hotel/venue has a pool. Enjoy your break and good luck on the ride :slight_smile:

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I would do a hard training block leading up to the day you leave, I’d want to be pretty fatigued by the time you went on holidays. Then I’d take the first week off, or some gentle stuff, and then the second week I’d hit a hotel gym 3 times in the week. Do a short hard threshold session one day, maybe a vo2 to the other, and some short sprints or SS the third. Otherwise you could do your prescribed LV plan on your first week of holidays (assuming you can get to a gym) and then take a very easy week the second week.

I take my power metre pedals with me when I travel and swap them over with the hotel gym bike (use my ipad to do TR workouts). You can easily do RPE though. Simple threshold work like 3x8-10 or vo2 work of 3-5 x 5. Will keep you from losing any fitness.


A few years ago on holiday with no biking, I went out most days on foot for around an hour.

I jogged to the halfway point, on the return leg I walked a lamp post length, jogged to the next one, then sprinted full whammy to the next, and repeated until back to hotel.

I was flying when i came home.

He’s going on holiday, and it’s a charity event! lol

What’s your point?

My point is don’t go on holiday needing a holiday.

Three 30-60 min rides over two weeks has you needing a holiday?

or just relax and enjoy the holiday.

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You might lose some fitness, but usually the endurance fitness doesn’t decline that quickly.

I’d train up to your holiday. Try and get a back-to-back ride in, not 90 miles each, but maybe 50 each, just so you get the feeling of riding, and then doing it again the next day. Especially as you’re on the low-volume plan that doesn’t have back-to-back days.

Enjoy the holdiay, relax, try and come back refreshed. I’d then do a few shorter rides when you’re back, but don’t create too much fatigue. Then do the event.

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Thanks for the advice and options everyone. The hotel has a gym so I might be able to fit something in at least. Sounds like the key is trying to get some back to back longish rides in before I go and training right up until the holiday.

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If you do take pedals, don’t forget to take a pedal spanner! Hotel bike pedals can be rusted on…