First week of SPB MV, I can do only a workout indoors after the ramp test, which one should I choose?

Hello, I’m in the first week of Sustained Power Build Mid Volume and I have a C race on Sunday, but I’ll leave home on Thursday and I can do only a workout tomorrow (or today if you are reading this on Wednesday).

So, I did the ramp test yesterday and I gained 5 watts (about 2% of my FTP) after SSB2 MV, tomorrow I should do Fletcher but I’ll do it outside on Thursday or Friday. Today I only did some core exercises because I didn’t have time to ride, so which workout should I do tomorrow? The options are Avalanche Spire, Red Lake +8 or Round Bald.

Unfortunately I don’t have a power meter outside so I won’t be able to replicate those specific workouts on the road and I was wondering which one could give me most training benefits.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Mattia! This is entirely up to you and what kind of race your C race on Sunday is. Can you ride today (Tuesday)?

If you can only ride on Wednesday, I’d recommend Red Lake +8. It’ll preload your body with quite a bit of high intensity work, but you should be well enough rested by the time your race rolls around on Sunday.


Hi Larry, I live in Italy so it’s already too late for working out. The race is a medio fondo, 95 kilometers and 1500 meters of elevation, but I will be there to help some teammates who are a bit slower than me so I classified it as C.

I can only ride on the trainer tomorrow, then on Thursday and Friday I will ride outside. One day I’ll do a couple of endurance hours to replicate Fletcher and to see the course, then I don’t know if I should try to replicate one of the other scheduled workouts or just ride normally, what do you think?

Ah, I understand. On the other day, I’d recommend just riding normally. Enjoy the trip and the new scenery, and just listen to your body as far as how you push it. You want to be well-rested for the race. Best of luck!


Ok, thanks a lot for the advice!