Adding outdoor rides to SSBMV2

Hey everyone. First time TR user and loving it. I figured I should use some of this Covid free time to do some more outdoor riding. My question is when is the best time to do that? I am currently on SSBMV2 with 2 weeks left before short power build. My thought is to do them on Sunday in a similar fashion to swapping the sweet spot work out for the endurance ride listed in the “weekly tips” these would be mainly z1 and 2 rides in the 4-6 hour range. Would it be better to throw them in on monday or Friday? Looking forward to hearing some insight and advice.

Your Sunday plan is :100:, that’s exactly how the mid-volume plans are set up. I wouldn’t throw them on Monday or Friday. Rest days are important, and a 4-6 hour ride is going to accumulate some decent fatigue even at a low intensity.

Thanks @ellotheth

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Saturday is the day I can get out, so I schedule Monday to Saturday, and I then swap out the Saturday for outdoors when weather and family commitments allow (or Zwift if I can’t get out and there’s an interesting event)!

What are your off days with a monday - saturday plan @Macy?

Thursday and Sunday on mid volume plans. Works family wise for me as well, as we have Sunday as a family day.

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