Went outside today, now which workout do I do tomorrow?

I’m in SSBMV 2, with Kaweah on the calendar today, and Geiger +2 for tomorrow. The weather was great today and decided to get outdoors to get a feel riding in a fast group before racing in a few weeks (see below).

We ride out and do a shortened version of a very intense Saturday ride, which ended up being about 45 minutes of race pace riding for me and an NP 20 watts higher than my current FTP (which may need updating now that I’m thinking about it :face_with_monocle: ).

The question is which indoor ride should I do tomorrow considering today? I recover pretty quickly and have never had a problem completing a workout to this point, so should I just do the workout with the higher IF? I also plan to do this ride again next week, so maybe I need to understand which workout is better to replace in general so I can learn the ways of the TR Jedis… Go based on feel?

I would choose one based on my goals and A-race, but those are far in the distance and these weekend rides are all in the sweet spot/threshold range which I’m not sure I know how to differentiate those two when it does come down to my future race goals.

I’d say do just that. If you begin a workout you’ll know if it’s too much. Then adjust your future workouts based on how you feel coming off your outdoor rides.

Sounds good! I think I may just go with Geiger because the intervals are a little longer and that’s where I feel weakest.

I would not change my indoor FTP because of a high NP in an outdoor ride. If you have a low VO2max and/or anaerobic power compared to your FTP maybe but otherwise I would only change it if several sweetspot workouts feel easy. Or do an indoor FTP test

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It was more food for thought. I had no intentions of changing it solely because of that number.

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the one that’s on the calendar or whatever weekend workout you want to do.

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My $.02, not a coach or anything.

In SSB2 for example, the saturdays are either threshold or over/under and sunday workouts are sweet spot. So, if recovery isn’t an issue, I’d think you’d skip which ever is similar to what you did outside. If you spent a reasonable amount of time near or over threshold, then do the sunday sweetspot. If the outdoor ride was ‘easier’ and maybe a longer ride, then do the saturday workout on the other day. Aim for close to the right TSS for the week.


I was close to threshold for the part of the ride that was intense, so sweet spot will be on the agenda this afternoon!

I also feel that longer but slightly less intensity is much more of a limiter for me (ie. 90% at 12-15 minutes is much harder vs higher percent for 8-10 minutes), and sweet spot targets that specifically.

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Kaweah is a tougher workout than Geiger +2 and takes you closer to your FTP, whereas Geiger keeps you in sweet spot. If you are carrying fatigue from the outdoor ride then Geiger would be the better option IMO

Build to even larger blocks 20 to 30 minutes.

I think the “toughness” of a workout depends on the person’s ability and perception. I have difficulty with longer intervals. 10 minutes and under WE GOOD! :muscle: Workouts like Galena are rooooough

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30 minutes at 92-94% would be awesome! I would feel so buff haha

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