Finally starting Trainerroad for real

I have been using Trainerroad for two years, but only at the gym. I had no accurate power meter on those gym bikes or indoor trainer. I did the best I could at the gym, but it was never perfect.

On Saturday my Watt Bike Atom will come. I am excited, but slightly scared. I am sure my first real ramp test will be scary :slight_smile:

My question is, should I start SSB again. I have three weeks of Sustained Power Build left. I’m sure my gym FTP is nothing like the one this ramp test will be. Would this be a good time to use the new Plan Builder?

Unfortunately I will still have to use gym bikes when I travel, but at least I will now know how they’re meant to feel on a bike with a real power meter.


I would start over. If you are really commited to training while away from home, buy power pedals you can take with you in your travels. My buddy does this since he works for an IT company and spends weeks abroad and it works for him in various hotels.

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If you’ve been doing the workouts as scheduled I don’t see any reason not to finish the build, just do a ramp test to get a proper ftp for the new bike.

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