Workouts to Replace FTP test

About to start Sustained Power Build -

feel like i have a good grasp on where my FTP is at after completing SSBMV and managing to hit Lamark with a new avg power of 270w and Leconte upping the % as workout went on … this has worked for me in past …

so … my question is:

as opposed to assessing, is there a good workout(s) to substitute or replace an FTP test so i can get right into the plan?

many thanks in advance!

Lamarck (4x10min @ FTP).

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I felt the same way at the end of SSB 2. Lamarck complete (although lack of nutrition made the last interval rough) and nailed Leconte and actually wondered if my PM was off (it felt that easy). The following day I was able to complete Wright Peak -1 with zero issues. I knew my ftp was higher and considered bumping it manually to avoid the test. For reference, I completed SSB MV2 at 287W ftp and was going to adjust it to 295W before the build plan, but decided to test Saturday during the recovery week. I was happy to find that I actually scored a 300W ftp! I know a 5W difference wouldn’t really change much overall but maybe you have gotten stronger than you think and it’s worth testing to make sure you aren’t short-changing yourself!

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thanks for a great answer!

i think i saw you post about this.

i had the same with lamarck/leconte and wright peak-1 all going great.

i think maybe i am bottling out of test - was going to do 20min as i am one of those one here who just cannot hit a ramp test well - i think i am vo2 constrained - i can complete all thres / sweetspot wel, l but vo2 is v v hard for me to hit 120% … but there’s a ton of info in other posts about that already and others who have the same issues …

out of curiosity did you do ramp or 20min test?

thanks again!

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I did do the Ramp Test but also have been doing it since the beta X version so I’m fairly familiar with it. My power curve definitely trends in favor of short power but, I will say that SSB MV2 touches on enough VO2 that it should have given you some additional fitness.

I would say keep your testing protocols consistent though. Given that you feel constrained at VO2 zones, have you considered maybe taking that and trying to break through your limitation? Without know what kind of races/rides you’re aiming for maybe it’s not worth it, but after SSB 1 I barely saw a bump in fitness only because I was pushing into my ceiling. Now that I did some higher intensity work, I think I’m giving myself more room to grow and that may work well for you too.

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thansk for the advice!

I always test with 20min test as when i have tried the ramp test my results are so far blow what ican do for say 90-105% of FTP its just not accurate for me personally.

I have tried working on my v02 … & up until the penultimate week of SSBMV i was able to hit 120% but once the intervals went up to 3mins i simply could not sustain that power.

I am less than a year into cycling at present but am targeting Haute Route Alps - 7 day stage - so a lot of sweet spot should work well i hope.
I come from running and am fairly light (around 59-60kg) and feel i lack the muscle to push high wattage tbh … but my w/kg is slowly getting there …

i agree that the vo2 sessions def help i just can’t hold 120% above around 90s-2mins … but 112-117% is just about manageable but v v hard.

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If you’re doing HR Alps SS is where it’s at. I’d be focused on increasing time to exhaustion at SS as much as anything. If you really work at it you’ll be holding SS for multiple hrs and make all that climbing much more manageable. 5 min power is irrelevant for an event like HR, but if you build muscular endurance with SS your 5min power will bump up, as well as FTP, in my experience.

Maybe @Captain_Doughnutman can customize you a SS plan…

Enjoy the ride, wish I were headed to an HR event.


I don’t want to be responsible for ruining the lives of others! :no_good_man:


What ever do you mean @Captain_Doughnutman :thinking:

TrainerRoad Cracked Me!

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Can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs! :laughing:


Also discussed here:

To answer what I think you were looking for originally, the pattern of Build is that each Tuesday is a similar type of workout, but building in IF. Tuesday week 2 (MV) is 90 second intervals at 120% (0.86 IF), Tuesday week 3 is 90 second intervals at 122% (0.87 IF).

So maybe Tuesday week should be a similar, but slightly lower IF. Maybe Baird +5? That’s 120% intervals but only 1 minute long. IF is 0.83.

Then you keep up the “build” concept as each Tuesday gets harder.


Thank you - perfect answer!

still weighing up whether to assess but if not will be doing this -

thanks again!