Need workouts to build FTP in between 3/4 outside rides/week

Hi all

Battling a bit, I’m prepping for a 3 day Mtb team stage race in July, at the moment My riding partner and myself are doing 30km 3-4 teams during the week (75min, 110-120TSS),

Then on Saturday or Sunday we’ll do another 35-40km and trying to do a 60-70km on Sundays or the Saturday, aka one long ride and one shorter ride on wknds.

I’m finding I’m building good endurance but not getting to lift my FTP (I battle to build power), although we are getting faster during the morning rides.

I’m keen to work in one sweat sport ride a week, on TR… my riding partner though does not like Trainer rides (or as we call it the hamster work), so he does not want to give the day outside up… so he rather wants to go do hill repeats as a way to build power, he’s a old roading… Conundrum…

will admit I’m enjoying the outside rides,


… guess I am going that I could tell TR I want to build FTP, please advise on workouts to do on a Wednesday to build FTP considering my outside rides/training load…


The practical way would be trainnow climbing workout

75min 120TSS is a pretty good ride (if your outside ftp is set right) and you have a solid weekly program alreadt. I wonder if you really can take any more intensity?

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did a ramp test 2 weeks ago, FTP was about 10watt lower than what it was set at the stage, but honestly it was what I probably knew it was suppose to be. did end re-calculating my TSS and CTL etc and gave a nice bump…

I"mm thinking I’ll def have to drop one of the weekly rides and yes then replace with a climbing workout… Originally Friday and Mondays was totally off the bike rest days, we’re now riding, but at a lower IF as a easy recovery day, or well we try, until we 1/2 wheel each other and then the wheels come off and there goes recovery.

You can do TR workouts outside, but you need to find a suitable route without too many interruptions or changes in gradient (either very flat or longer climbs).

But you could also just put a few ftp/sweetspot intervals into your outdoor rides - that is how most of the pros train. You’ll have the same problem with the route though.

Hill reps: 4x10min

Are your outdoor rides on your mtn bike? If so there must be some good options for building a ride where you can get repeated bouts of intensity without needing to do hill repeats.

I no longer have a mtn bike, but found my rides were very much like intervals, forced by the terrain I rode.

Maybe designate one of your outdoor rides for getting some intensity in. With an event in July you don’t need to go overboard on intensity just yet. Get that large base consolidated first.

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With C19 last year I had to drop my ftp like 30-40watt.
I’d like to at least get about 20watt back by the even, at min that would be 2 “cycles” of 10watt each… so even though it’s some time away want to do a cycle now, rebuild endurance on that ftp and then again another in like 3 months.

This week is going to be a easy week, got the snotties

yes on Mtb
have a couple of hills that can be used… hehehe, thats not a problem. :wink: