First TR workout

My wife who is very fit and athletic has never used TR or done any structured training. She is interested in finding a new means of exercising so I offered to set her up on my trainer/her bike to try it out. I’m looking for suggestions for which TR workout I should load up so that she finds it fun/challenging without being discouraging. Thanks!

What kind of exercise does she already do? Is she a hiit kind of person or more likely to choose something steady paced? I’d say that could give you a guide to narrowing your search. Also, maybe keep it <45 min for the first go around.


Ramp test. It will go one of two ways :grinning:


Taking a look at all of the base plans (low volume), here are the first workouts after the ramp test.

Ericsson -1 (sweet spot)

Goddard -4 (30-sec VO2, sweet spot)

Haku (6 all out sprints)

@Scheherazade’s question is a good one. Without knowing the answer, I vote for Goddard -4.


Awesome! Great replies. To narrow it down she is a dedicated yoga person which includes a couple times a week of yoga “sculpt” which is kind of CrossFit lite. Thanks to all!!!

I took a look at the workout library, filtered to <60 minutes and with instruction. Ones that seem interesting might be

Birch: 45 minutes, endurance
Dearborn -4/-5: 30/45 minutes, sweet spot over unders
Godard -4/-5: 30/45 minutes, mix with form work

All look interesting without being overwhelming, though you’ll probably want to err on the low side with the FTP estimate. In-ride instruction might be a nice distraction from just looking at numbers, and the intervals themselves aren’t too long.

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